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Find used sails that fit your boat from multiple vendors, explained in terms that relate to your boat. Just enter the brand of your boat, pick the specific boat from the list, and the type of sail you are interested in. The next page will list sails that might fit the boat you have selected. Calculations are made, such as %LP and percent of maximum as appropriate so you can see easily which sails might be of interest.

The sails listed here are from US vendors. I will add vendors as I get a personal recommendation and know they are reliable. I delete vendors that no longer offer used sails. You can click on the sail you are interested to see the contact information.

Enter the sail type you are interested in as well as your boat brand in the form at the top of this page. If your boat is not listed, try entering just part of the name. For example, enter CAL instead of California. If your boat is still not listed, Select 'BOAT' and enter your dimensions on the next page.

Typical Listing

This is a 93 % jib.
The clew is about 0 feet above the tack.
The luff is 91% of the forestay entered or estimated
Contact information



This data is supplied as a reference and all boat dimensions should be verified by the owner before buying any used sail
The information in these data bases is a starting point. There are errors as you can see as the different data bases do not always agree. In addition, some boats have been modified from stock and will not match the data in these databases. None of this data has been checked by L-36.com so please always check your boat before ordering any sail.

Data Sources

SBD is used under the Creative Commons License sailboatdata.com (sailboatdata.com) / CC BY 3.0
PHRF is from the PHRF Critical Dimensions database. WEB is the commonly available data found on many web sites

Complete listing of all boat data

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