Yanmar 3ym30 Parts Catalog

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28pH9DpH9 PARTS qqwwGHNAKK 0 020wfSWU243H9 0ovovp6B44 gradient 1Unnamed gradient ArtOnPath Brush ToolAdobe Calligraphic Brush ToolAdobe Scatter Brush ToolAdobe Deform PluginAdobe SuiteAdobe Compound Flare SymbolismAdobe artboard color 1 redAI9 artboard color 1 greenAI9 artboard color 1 blueAI9 artboard color 2 redAI9 artboard color 2 greenAI9 artboard color 2 blueAI9 artboard colorAI9 transparency grid sizeAI9 paper simulationAI9 Output Rasterization ResolutionAI9 Mesh Rasterization Auto RasterizeAI10 flattener rastervector balanceAI10 flattener outline textAI10 flattener outline strokesAI10 flattener clip complex regionsAI10 flattener preserve overprintsAI9 no overprint in for the Parts Catalog 1The parts stipulated in this Parts Catalog are not necessarily standard equipped parts 2Parts may change without prior notice 3The following is an example of the Parts Catalog format Ref NoThe Ref No listed may not be in accordance with the illustration Ref No Ex Illustration No List Ref No 1 1 Before changeFor symbols N R and K illustrations for new parts may be abbreviated Lev LevelLevel indication The numbers below indicate the level of relativity towards the main part1 Main parts Assembly parts2 Sub component included in 224 1 224 3 Sub component included in 224 2 223 Note Parts that are not for sale are partially illustrated but not Mark When a part change takes place one of the following symbols is indicated beside the partEffective Machine No When a part changes the effective Machine No will be indicated in the AF columnNote 1 A date may follow the symbol Ex199601 Note 2 224 XXX 224 are for parts that could not be predicted or for engine models that could not be identified Note 3 AE00185 is the E Engine Serial Number for the column A model in this case 4JHDT after the parts design change Remarks Mark Figures or alphabets symbols are entered in the remarks column The comments remarks on parts that are indicated at the bottom of the illustration are the same symbols as those stated above 11After change Product Symbol Product No Product Symbol Product No C Clutch No Compressor No Machine NoMachine No Agricultural Engine No Note 1DateRS Old Parts are both New Old Parts are both not Part discontinued Part newly added Changes only for used parts quantities New Part is for Old Part but Old Part is not New PartNew Part is not for Old Part but Old Part is New PartNot by a single part but together with relatedparts FUEL INJECTION INJECTION INJECTION M 6X M 6X BOOST COMPEMSATOR TYPE OPTIONALPART TO E001554JHDT YXRU FOOTIR INTAKE SILENCERMIXING ELBOWCAMSHAFT CRANKSHAFT PISTONLUBOIL DIPSTICKLUBOIL SYSTEMCOOLING SEA WATER PUMPCOOLING FRESH WATER PUMPCOOLING FRESH WATER COOLERCOOLING SEA WATER PIPECOOLING FRESH WATER PIPEBILGE INJECTION PUMPFUEL INJECTION VALVE FUEL STRAINERFUEL REMOTE NOBLOCK ASSY CYLINDERPLUG PT14PLUG PT18PLUG 30PLUG 45PLUG 25BOLT METAL CAPBUSH CAMSHAFTPLUG 12BEARING ASSY MAINBOLT CYLINDER HEADGASKET HEADCCopy Rights YANMAR NOSTUDCOVER ASSYGEAR CASECOVER GEAR CASECOVER ASSY PUMPCOVER PUMPSCREW M6X16PLUG PT38SCREWCOVER PUMPSEAL OILPIPE KNOCKBOLT M 6X 12 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 16 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 40 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 40 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 60 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 65 PLATEDCOVER FILLERCCopy Rights YANMAR NOHOUSING FLYWHEELBOLT M 10X 28CAP FLYWHEEL COVERSEAL OILBOLT M10X25SPACER OIL SUMPSUMP ASSY LUBOILPLUG 16HEXPLUG M16AFROM 1STGASKET 16 ROUNDGASKET 16AFROM 1STGASKET 16AEXXXWASHER 16AEXXXBOLT M 8X 45 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 30 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 45 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 70 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 70 PLATEDPLUG 18PIPE WATER CSPACER CLUTCHBOLT M 8X 45 PLATEDSTUD M 8X 45 PLATEDCCopy Rights YANMAR NOBRACKET FRONTBRACKET FRONTBRACKET REAR ABRACKET REAR BBOLT M10X 30BOLT M10X 25 PLATEDMOUNTING FLEXIBLECCopy Rights YANMAR NOLABEL CAUTIONLABEL CAUTIONLABEL CW TANKLABEL CAUTIONLABEL BSO2LABELLOOSE Rights YANMAR NOA200309BOLT 8X 14 NOZZLEGASKET NOZZLEHEAD ASSY CYLINDERGUIDE VALVEPLUG 35PLUG PT116VALVE INTAKESPRING VALVE STEMSEAL VALVE STEMSPRING PIN 6X12SUPPORT ASSY ARMSHAFT ASSY ROCKERSUPPORT ROCKER ARMSPRING SHAFTSCREW VALVE ADJUSTSCREW M 5X16BOLT M 8X 40 PLATEDCOVER FILLERBONNET ASSY HEADPLATE BAFFLEBAFFLE BREATHERBAFFLE ASSYPLATE CENTERSPRING BONNETCOVER BONNETGASKET BONNET COVERSCREW M5X10SCREW M5X10SCREW 5X16BOLT M 6X 20 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 75 PLATEDPLUG GLOWCONNECTOR GLOW PLUGCCopy Rights YANMAR NO QTY F D C B A E JOINT 12899012210 1 1 1 SILENCER ASSY 12899012500 1 2 1 ELEMENT 12827012540 2 5 1BOLT M 8X 12 PLATED 7 2CCopy Rights YANMAR NOGASKET NONASBELBOW MIXINGELBOW PT38PLUG 25ELBOW EXHAUSTPIPE WATER BBOLT M 8X 40BOLT M 8X 60CCopy Rights YANMAR ASSYBOLT M 6X 12 PLATEDSHAFT IDLEGEAR ASSY IDLEBOLT M 6X 35 PLATEDBOLT PUMPGEAR PUMPCCopy Rights YANMAR NOCRANKSHAFT ASSYKEY 4X12BOLT ASSYVPULLEY CRANKSHAFTBOLT FLANGE WRINGRING SET PISTONPIN PISTONROD ASSY PISTON PINMETAL ASSYCRANK PINPISTON WRING 25OSRING SET PISTON 25BOLT M 8X 14CCopy Rights YANMAR NODIPSTICK LUBOILGUIDE ASSY DIPSTICKWASHER 16 4 2 JOINT BOLT 10 23857100000 1 5 1 NUT M10 26366100002 1 6 1 CAP 12497634850 1 7 1CCopy Rights YANMAR NOSTUDFILTER LUB OILPIPE ASSY OIL INLETBOLT 6X 10 PLATEDSWITCH OIL PRESSUREPIPE LUBOILBOLT ASSY JOINTSEAL WASHER 8SSEAL WASHER 8SPIPE LUB OILCCopy Rights YANMAR BY WITH BY WITH NOCSWP CMPCSWP ACSWPBRACKET PUMP CW 1 ORING X02173432 2 15 1 ORING X02173476 2 16 1 BALL BEARING X03431760 2 17 1 BALL BEARING X03431748 2 18 1 RIP SEAL X02233010 2 19IMPELLER C PUMP BBOLT SPACERCOLLAR M 6X 30 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 20 PLATEDCCopy Rights YANMAR COOK ASSYWITH COOK ASSYTO AVOID THE INTERFERENCE BETWEENTHE JOINT AND LIFTING HOOKEXCHANGE FOR NOPUMP ASSY M6X12PLUG 25GASKET WATER PUMPGASKET 8 ROUNDBOLT M 8X 12 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 50 PLATEDCOVER M 8X 25 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 65 PLATEDGASKET 16GASKET 16PLUG 16HEXSWITCH THERMOVPULLEY WATER PUMPSPRING WASHER 6BOLT M 6X 28 PLATEDCOCK ASSYGASKET 16GASKET Rights YANMAR NOGASKET ASSY HEATTUBE D285X15 LG6BONNET ASSY OUTLETSCREW M6X30 2 DRAIN PLUG 12899044120 2 17 1 CAP 095 BAR 12899044130 2 18 1 ELEMENT 12899044400 2 19BOLT M 8X115 PLATEDTANK ASSY SUBPIPE OVER FLOWBRACKET SUB TANKLABEL SUBTANKCCopy Rights YANMAR NOPIPE WATER APLUG ASSY DRAINPIPE WATER B1 3 1 CLAMP 12157549310 1 4 1 CLAMP 28 COOLING WATERSCREW M8X38COCK ASSY SEA WATERCOVER STRAINERCCopy Rights YANMAR NOPIPE WATER APLUG ASSY DRAINPIPE WATER BPIPE WATER BA200406 12899049150 1 4 1 BAND 250 19425051660 1 5 1 CLAMP 41 23000041000 1 6 4CCopy Rights YANMAR ASSYBILG ASCREW KIT 1 INPELLER 97778003000 2 9 1CCopy Rights YANMAR ASSYBILG ASCREW KIT 1 INPELLER 97778003000 2 9 1CCopy Rights YANMAR IN THISFUEL INJECTION BY WITH 20 FUEL INJECTION NOPUMP ASSY INJECTIONSTUD FEED PUMPKEY PARALLELKEY PLUNGERTAPPET ASSYTAPPET SET DELIVERYGASKET SET ADJUSTINGSCREW PINIONCOVER BODY LOWERGASKET LOWER COVERGASKET LOWER COVERCCopy Rights YANMAR IN THISFUEL INJECTION BY WITH 20 FUEL INJECTION NOA200605COVER BODY SIDEGASKET SIDE COVERGASKET SIDE RACKLABEL 16SPRING WASHER 6SPRING WASHER 12SPRING PIN 5X10SCREW M 5X 12SCREW M 6X 16BOLT M 5X 10 Rights YANMAR NOGASKET CASEGASKET COVERCASE ASSY LEVERSHAFT ASSY CONTROLLEVER CONTROLBOLT LIMITERLEVER ASSY GOVERNORSHIM SET SETSHIM SET LEVERRETAINER SHAFTWASHER 10PLUG 10BOLT 6X 10 PLATEDWEIGHT GOVERNOR WASHER 12AEXXXXXBOLT 6X 10 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 14 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 20 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 45 PLATEDLIMITER ASSY FUELSPRING Rights YANMAR NOGASKET 12CCopy Rights YANMAR NO R I QTY F D C BFUEL PUMP ASSYGASKETFEED PUMP ASSY 12915852100 3 3 1CCopy Rights YANMAR COLTD23 FUEL INJECTION NORETAINER PIPEBOLT ASSY INJECTIONPIPE ASSY INJECTIONPIPE ASSY INJECTIONPIPE ASSY RETURNGASKET WASHER 12PIPE FUEL OILSEAL WASHER 12BOLT PIPE JOINTJOINT PIPE 12CCopy Rights YANMAR NOBRACKET FILTERBRACKET M 8X 16 PLATEDSTRAINER ASSYELEMENT STRAINERPLUG 6GASKET 6 NYLONSEAL WASHER 8SBOLT M 6X 16PIPEFUELPIPE FUEL OILSEAL WASHER 12JOINT BOLT 6PIPECCopy Rights YANMAR NOPIPE ASSY FUEL OILPIPE FUEL OIL 1 CLAMP 14 23010014000 2 5 2TANK ASSY FUEL OILCAP ASSY FUEL TANK 8 1CCopy Rights YANMAR NOBRACKET CABLE 12947067200 1 2 1 CIRCLIP 10 22242000100 2 6 1 SNAP PIN 8 22360080000 1BOLT M 6X 12 PLATEDSCREW M5X12SCREW M 5X 20A200406 10 1 MT3 REMOCON 41730000681 1 11 1 REMOCON HEAD MN 12817086501 1 12 1 CABLE L4000 41710000380 1 13 2 RETAINER 12157486320 1 14 W 1A200406CCopy Rights YANMAR COLTDRemarksIS FIGURE ARE NO QTY F D C B A E CLUTCH KM2PI 1221 12817181310 1 1 1 CLUTCH KM2P1 I262 12817181320 1 2 1 CLUTCH KM2P1 I322 M 8X 42 PLATEDSTUD M 8X 45 PLATED 1 6 1CCopy Rights YANMAR NOBRACKET CABLEBRACKET CABLEAFROM 1STWASHER 5BOLT M 6X 14 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 45 PLATEDAFROM 1STSCREW M5X12SCREW M 5X 20A200406 CLAMP 41710000410 1 6 1 SPACER 12899086350 1 7 W 2AFROM 1STCCopy Rights YANMAR NOBOLT M10X 32 PLATEDLOCK NUT M 8 PLATEDCOUPLING TAPER 22COUPLING TAPER 25COUPLING 28 30BOLT M10X 32 PLATED 4 COUPLING 45414500260 1 11 1 COUPLING 22 10558385900 1 12 1 COUPLING M10X 32 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 28CCopy Rights YANMAR SWITCH ASSYYOKE ASSYHOLDER ASSY BRUSHSPRING BRUSHCOVER ASSY REARREAR COVER METALHOUSING ASSY GEARSMETAL STARTERLEVER SET SHIFTCOVER ASSY DUSTGEARWASHER SETPINION M12X 30 PLATEDCOVER TERMINALSWITCH BATTERYSCREW M8X38CCopy Rights YANMAR NOROTOR BRACKET ASSYSCREW KITVBELT ALTERNATORBOLT M 8X 20 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 20 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 25 PLATEDBOLT M10X 25 PLATEDBOLT M10X 30 PLATEDCCopy Rights YANMAR NOROTOR ASSYCOVER ASSY ASSYBOLT M5DIODE ASYWIRECLAMP LEAD WIRECOVER ASSY FRONTSCREW KITNUT ASSY PULLEYPULLEY ALTERNATORBOLT M 8X 20 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 20 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 25 PLATEDBOLT M10X 25 PLATEDBOLT M10X 30 PLATEDCCopy Rights YANMAR NOHARNESS WIREHARNESS 8X 14 FUEL TANKCOLLAR SAFETYBRACKET RELAYRELAY ASSY GLOWWASHER 8BOLT 6X 10 PLATEDBOLT M 6X 16 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 20 PLATEDHARNESS WIRESWITCH SAFETYHARNESS WIRE3MHARNESS WIRECCopy Rights YANMAR NOPANEL INSTRUMENT BCIRCUIT WITH LED BZR 12927191130 2 3 1 SEAL RUBBER 12927191140 2 4 STOPFUSEPANEL 3ASWITCH WKEYCCopy Rights YANMAR NOTOOL KITBAG TOOLWRENCH ASSYWRENCH 10X13WRENCH 17X19WRENCH 22X24CCopy Rights YANMAR FIGURE IS NEWLY NOGASKET SETGASKET BONNETGASKET MANIFOLDSEAL WASHER 8S6 2 ORING P150 11971732060 2 7 1 ORING P 120 11962432040 2 8 1 ORING P170 11971732050 2 9GASKET NOZZLEGASKET BONNET COVERWASHER 16SEAL WASHER 12GASKET RETURNGASKET WATER PUMPGASKET 8 ROUNDGASKET 16GASKET HEADGASKET NONASBCCopy Rights YANMAR FIGURE IS NEWLY NOWASHER BELT COVERBRACKET COVERBOLT BELT COVERCOVER M 6X 16 PLATEDBOLT M 8X 16 PLATEDWASHER PLAINCOVER M 8X 35 PLATEDCCopy Rights YANMAR COLTD Part Number Index All parts are stipulated in the order of part numbers Depending on the area in which the part is usedThis index will display the location of the part according to each part number Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED ccccPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS 466 10450055710 142 1 10451178780 301 10501011490 271 10510055501 321 10510055540 3223 10531101090 831 10543055041 2332 10558385900 2123 11025055610 337 11425039450 1833 11820053010 933 11840051370 710 11912977250 33 11912977260 724 11912977320 112145042450 103 11912977890 1426 11912977900 228 11912977930 416 11917259201 1 333 11924777100 212 11928501990 236 11928511990 920 11928566650 2630 11930535150 45 11930959590 231 11951553000 531 11951553010 61 1 11952761700 78 11957377201 68 11960011460 713 125 11962001750 225 11962001800 333 11962002020 1032 11962011280 1232 11962014200 53 11962021941 1714 11962049290 292 11962059700 376 11962121680 51 11962301250 2330 11962432040 616 112446544950 133 11966001911 2 13 1 PARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFigPARTS NoFig

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