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Installation and Operation Manual English Instrument Multi Control Installation and Operation Manual English MULTI CONTROL 1 This manual is written for NX2 Edition March 2007 to use the PAGESETongTRIP LOG TRTOTAL LOG MAXIMUM SPEEDSTART DST20DEPTH unitDPT21PLUS mainf2222LIGHT BAT2323DEPTH TMP23UNIVERSAL TIME UTC23BOAT SPEED 2324Set and turn on shallow off NAVIGATION mNAVIGATION sSTEER REFERENCE STEER andSET and DRICROSS TROverview of STEER REFERSTEER VALUEAPPARENT WIND SPEEDTRUE WIND SPEEDVELOCITY MATACTICAL f36Man over board MOB37Customise your and lock a sonSelect power locking of m4125m25 POS26T27MG27T CLOSURE VELOCITY WCV27R XTE2728erence AWS34 WS34GOOD codevAutomatic codevCancel and NMEA sentences OUT from iation EV43mpass iati44r perford compass deviation AR44correction Adj44f from and fault speconsNexus Network Part specification Items delivered with th instrument 1 NX2 Mult 1 Instrument cover 5 Cable pro 5 Cable pro 4 Instrument mounting screws 4 Rubber c 1 Connectio 1 4pole jac 1 Silicon pa 2 Plastic cable strap 1 Adhesive 1 Nexus Network cable 8 m 26 ft 1 Quick guide laminated 1 cable 03 m 1 ft 1 Installation and Operating manual 1 Warranty card 1 National distributor list Registering this product Once you have checked that you have all the listed parts please take time to fill in the warranty document and return it to your national distributor By returning the warranty card it will assist your distributor to give you prompt and expert attention Keep your proof of purchase Also yyou automatically receive new product catalogues when they are released Warranty conditions see chapter 15 aps for screws MULTI CONTROL 9 Welcome aboard the NThank you for this manual weould like to help you install operate and understand your new Nexus Network The Server is the 224headepth heading wind and navigation GPSFrom the Server the siinstruments which repThe Nexus Network is allows you to connect ucable thereby allowing Nexus Network is capable of cThe connection system with a single 5 mm 15ith and marked with a number for easy reference rument that displays a main and a subfunction together You can easily your favourite combination of functions by using the uThe instruments large display gives you very good viewing possibilities from any angle even in bright sunlight The display and the five pushbuttons have red back lighting which you can set to three different lighting levels ers and accessories are available The rly offers unique functions When used together with the steer reference function AWAou can actually steer after the wind and 224expand224 the tacking or down wind angle These NX2 instruments carry a two year warranty which gives you as our 2 and our commitment to quality To get the most out of your new NXcarefully before you start your installation Again thank you for choosing NX2 If you see us at a show stop by and say hello exus Network NX2 and welcome to the world of the Nexus Network of your Nexus Network to which transducers for speed ngle Nexus Network cable transmits power and data to the designed with the industry standard RS 485 databus which ment units on the single Nexus Network you the flexibility to easily develop your system Thearrying daton easy No need to drill big holes and the t lengths The connections at the Server ar move copy anThe installation inces1 Read the installationd 2 Plan where to install3 Run the cables 4 Install the transduc5 Take a break and admire your install6 Learn the functions and calibrate youBefore you begin drilling think aand simple as your boat will allow Pand instruments Think out leavingA few 224do nots224 you s Do not cut the cables too short Allow without having to disconnect all Do not place sealant behind the display The instrument gasket eliminates Do not run cables in the bilge where water can appear Do not run cables close to fluores engine or radio Do not rush take your time A neat installation is easy to do The following material is neededWire cutters and strippers Small and large Philips and small flat head screw driver Hole saw for the instrument clearance hole 63 mm 2275If you are doubtful about the installation of an experienced lud 6 major steps anoperation manual r system bout ho you can make the installation as neat ab space fohould consider21 Installing the instrument Place the adhesive drill template on the desiro pin bolts Use a 63 mm 2275hole saw to rument connection socket Remove the Screw the two pin bolts Put the instrument in place Screw the two nuts from the back Note The two nuts must just be tighten by hand Run the Nexus Network cable from the Server If you want to cut the Nexus Network cable to length disconnect 4pole jack plug and cut the cable Peel off about 35 mm 14cable insulation Remove about 6 mm 14from the 3 isolated wires the 4th wire is an earth screento the wires using a pair of flat pliers Connect the 4 cable protjack plug as shown Apply silicon paste on all shown Note Must be done to avoid corrosion Silicon pasteith the screw g instrument to the Server directly to the Nexus Network all use the same colour coded 4pole jack Apply Mount the connection back cover w211 Installinin a daisy chain They3 First start 31 Initialising the instrument At power on the instrument will perform a self test The display will first show all segmethe Nexus Network ID nAt first power on after inPrESkeyhis will givee instNexus Network To initialise the instrumereNote Always wait for to be displayed will givee instNexus Network To initialise the instrumereNote Always wait for to be displayed beforhen the software version number and stallation you will be asked to press stallation you will be asked to press th thnt pss on all installed digital nt pss on all installed digital time time you press SET on the next instrumenThe Server automaticalthe first unit ID number 16 then 17 and so on The ordNexus Network The example shows that the instrument version number is 20 and 32 Reinitialising the instrument If two instruments by mistake have the same ID number this can cause disturbance and block the To reinitialise the instrument press CLEAR during the power up sequence when version and ID numbers are displayed The display self test is then restarted on all instruments and you will be asked to press KEY on each instrument as explained Note If you do not succeed to reinitialise we suggest you with the same ID number then ter in which you press s will be 41 About this man In this manual each tiPAGE Unless otherwise stamomentary Each time a function ibrackets and in the same format wdisplayed ex LAt By the word navigator we mean a GPS Loran or Decca Which instrument is navigating By the term navigating we mean the active instrument in which the waypoint memory is used for navigation to calculate the navigation data ie BTW DTW etc There can only be one instrument on the Nexus Network which is keeping the waypoints in memory but the waypoints can be reached fr This manual has been written to be Compatible with NX2 Server from software version 30 Compatible with NX2 Multi Control instrument from software The products can be updated to the Please contact your NX2 dealer for further information CAPITALwill appear in s mentioned in the text it will be in 42 How to use the pushbuttons 421 PAGE PAGE moves the top LCD arrow to the next page It scrolls in a circular pattern one step to the right for every press in the order SPEED DEPTH NAVIGATE WIND and then back to PAGE PAGEThe PAGEalso used to move the cursor when in edit PAGE to the right for every press A press on PAGE 423 PLUS In edit mode it increasesto th424 SET When unlocked the digits are 224active224 flashesby pressing When finished editing l425 Clear cancel reset CLEAR426 CalibratiTo access calibration mTo return to mainfunction mode press when the text return RETn 427 Lighting The instrument uses red back lighting for the display and the 4 pushbuttons The lighting can be seTo quick access the light control press and hold PAGE than 2 seconds The flashing text Lit OFFill be displayed and the display will be lit momentarily To select between the 4 light levels Press MAX and OFF To lock the selected level press The selected light level will be copied to all NX2 instruments connected to the system When the liPAGE ock the digit by another press on on 5 Function overvThe functions in the MSPEED DEPTH NAVIGThe selected page is indicated by the LCD arrow at top of the display Each page has 2 types of functions that can be displyed together 1 Mainfunction displayed at the top of the display in 30 high 2 Subfunction displayed at the bottom part of the display in 17 You can easily customise your favourite combination of functions The instrument can display metric and imperial units For unit selection see chapter 12For function overview and transducers needed to display each ed quick guide will help you to get an overview when using tiew ATE and 6 SPEED functio61 SPEED mainfunction Boat speed through the waterUnit available in knots1212 C11a navSOGed62 SPEED sub621 TRIP LOG019999 NM only displTo reset TRIP LOG pre622 TOTAL LOG LOG019999 NM only displayed in NM Can not be reset 623 MAXIMUCLEAR624 START TER STACount down timer from 59 to teTo start the timer from mThe figure 1 in 10 is flat to start count down from If you want to start the timer from any other time 59 to 1 minutefor example minus 5 minutes 5222STAPAGE as required to set 5 minutes and start the timer with When started displays the count down time in minutes and he alarm will sound once every 625 TIMER power on or from end of start timer count down To reset press CLEAR626 AVERAGE SPEED AVSAverage speed from power on or from reset of timer To reset CLEAR627 DISTANCE DSTCovered distance from power on or from reset of timer To reset CLEAR KT TRPayed in NM Distance covered from power CLEARM SPEED MAXpowerr fr on oom reset of timer To resetIM1 minus inus 10 minutes 10222STAou wan628 DEPTH unitDPT Depth from the water surface or the keel depending on calibration eet FTFASee The text alternates between the selected unitDPT7 PLUS functionAlarm on minute signAlarm off no minute siThe alarms will be triggeThe alarm is audible signalmain and subfunction When a triggered alarmIf a different page thatriggered the set alarflashing until you silence or turn off the alarm The instrument will then automatically returLoss of signal If there are no display indicates 3 dotte71 DEPTH maiDepth from the water sufeet FTFA72 PLUS subfunctions 721 LIGHT CONTROL The instrument uses red back lighting for the display and the 5 pushbuttons The lighting can be seTo change light level press The flashing text Lit OFFill be displayed and the display will be lit momentarily To select between the 4 light levels Press MAX and OFF To lock the selected level press The selected light level will be copied to all NX2 instruments connected to the system When the lied above the last depth digit in ed ss shallow enced it will only be triggered th value differs by 2m 6 ftn DEPTH is shown when the alarm is m function will automatically be shown d lines echo is received 722 BATTERBattery voltage at the S723 SHALLOWDepth at which point au724 DEPTH ALARM DEADepth at which point a725 ANCHORTo set an anchor alarmminus 15 m 5 FT theThe logic is that when ythe boat is drifting towar726 HEADINGWater temperature Un C or Fahrenheit FSee 1224 C23 and C24728 UNIVERSATime in hrminsec ThTo set your local time LUTCIf you want to add to UTC If you want to reduce from UTCselect minus sign pressing To set the time zone value press PAGETo store the zone value press Example In United Kingdom the local time zone setting should be 00h ZONinter time and plus one hour 01h ZON729 BOAT SPEED BSPunitBoat speed through the water Select the unit from knots KT kmh KhMhSee 1212 C11he text alternates between BSPunitY BAT ALual alarms will be triggered if ARM SHAudible and visual alarms will be triggered if ALARM set the shallow SHAalarm to actual depth 5 FT anchor the alarm will warn you if ds deeper or shallower water HDTHDMHDMATURE TMPL TTis function will only be displayed if a GPS the system The UTC a UIME UC73 Remote CoThe NX2 Multi Control Nexus Network At powr up the ID numbers are displayed for a The instrument to the right has ID number 16 version number is Note the ID numbers r the instrument you want to remote Select the ID number for the instrument you want to control with Four push button symbols are displayed to tell you are in remote mode The display of the instrument you selected will flash once and then the PAGE symbol will continue to flash Now you can use the four push buttons To exit the remote control page press CLEARcan be used toents has74 Set and turn on shallow SHASelect shallow SHAThe first digit in the prevIf you want to reset the To select desired depBy this last press on the selected alarm function which is indica75 Set and turn ocThe first digit flashes The instrument will sugTo store the value pressThe minute sign 264 The instrument will sugTo store the value press The minute sign 264 n above the last depth digit in the 76 Clear an alarm value The first digit flashes To clear the alarm press CLEAR77 Silencing an alarm To silence a triggered alarm ANY The sound is silenced and the flashing stops The alarm is only triggered again if the selected depth value is exceeded shallower or deeper 2 m 6 feet78 Turning off on an alarm To turn the alarm off on press CLEARThe minute sign 264 CLEARth s PAGE you have turned onted by the minute sign 264 n anhor alarm ANCgest a value for the shallow SHAalarm m 5 FT or select your own depth as in 73 hown above the last depth digit in thegest a value for the depth DEAalarm 5 FT or select your own depth as in 73 8 NAVIGATION fHeading true HT or headingeNote This page can either be on or off As a factory setting this page is automatically on In the set up you c821 STEER RDisplays the selected scontrols what is showinstrument Art No 221822 STEER VADisplays steer value for823 SOGAlternating function To stop alternating press To restart 824 BTWDTWBearing to waypoint BTWaypoint DTWor drawing inside cover page To display this function you must navigate towards a waypoint Alternating function To To restart 825 LATITUDE and LONGITUDE POSDisplays position in selected e indicated by decimal indicated by minute 264 See 1239 C38N mainfunction magntic HMcan be displayed nnecte See 12311 C40odan select this page to be on off or automatic on N subfunctions teer reference function This function also n on d COGTo stop alternating pre826 SET andd of current DRFAlternating function To To restart alternating p827 CMGDMThe function is based oThe function keeps tracdisplays course and distance in Locate and mark younderway To find your new positiThe function starts at powTo reset the button is pressed it temporarily resets the Alternating function To To restart alternating press 828 WAYPOINT CLOSURE VELOCITY WCVDisplays the speed over ground towards the waypoint in KTSThe text alternates between WCVunit829 CROSS TRACK ERROR XTETo display this function you must navigate towards a waypoint Your boat is the 224triangle224 symrepresented by the 2243 vertical lines224 The 224triangle224 symbol will tell you on which side of the desired track you are You should aim to To restart alternating press DRIFT he boats way through the water and ur position and reset CMGDMG Get on plot the course and distance on your steer your boat so t which means you are on the desired track 83 Steer refereThe subfunction Pilotintended to be used together with the 02to The powerful combinrument together with the ana6 functions Compass steering M1 Compass steering using the 1 memory 2 Headers and lifters using the 2 Wind steering AWA4 Down wind steering5 Bearing To waypoint 6 Course To Steer CTWhen a steer desired and actual heading or angle The logic is to keep the up pointing at zero 0 on the From analogue steer pilot instrument version 20 MEMBTWis functioning with COG ihe analogue read out will start at speed above 4KTS and stop below 2 KTS If you do not have the analogue steer pilot instrument you can still use the function if you display the selected steer reference heading STRcompare it with the actual A NX2 autopilot can not be activafunction But when the NX2 autopilot has been activated in compass or wind mode it is possible to alter the autopilots heading from the MEMAWAthe display readoutation of the Multi Control instlogue steer pilot actually offers you BTWly activated The last used steer ref in memand automatically activalable Server version 831 OverviewSteer reference functiot on Compass headi stored in 1 or 2 memories TACBearing to wayp waypoint correc for drift and wind aWhen any steer referedisplay will be copied ain your Nexus Network 832 Steer refThis function requires thThe function is semi compass heading is copied value manually The text OFF or the last selected To select steer reference MEMTo activate the function press MEM is shown on the display The subfunction displays the stored MEMThe text MEMSTRIf you want to change the steer reference value press The first digit flashes To set the new value press PAGE To store the value press Steer reference heading value MEMdirectly from the optional trim button without first selecting MEMunction will be storedory ted at power on Avai of steer reference Pilot n Reference Textype displayManual oint Automatic ngle Manual nce function nd shown on ence MEMie when activato memory You can later change the in Pilot OFF function833 Steer reference BTWThis function requires the NX2 or NMEA compass transducer and When selected the function displays BTWsteer pilot instrument displays the difference between the compass heading and the bearing to waypoint BTWThe function can only be displayed if the connected navigating towards a waypoint Since the displayed value it is controlled by the navigator the The text OFF or the last seTo select steer reference BTWTo activate the function press WP is shown on the display The subfunction STRlly displays the stored BTW Available from Server software version 834 Steer refThis function requires When selected the fusteer pilot instrument displays the difference between the compass heading and tThe function can only be dis navigating towards a waSince the displayed vaThe function is comp speed through the water course and speed ovwaypoint BTWThe text OFF or thTo select steer referencTo store the function prThe subfunction STRdisplays the stored CTSThe text CTSSTThe function is to a waypoint 835 Steer refThis function requires thThe function is semi automatic ie when activated present wind angle is copied to memory You can also change the value manually The function displays the deviation from a set wind angle value and can be used as a 224close hauled224 tack indicator or show an The text OFF or the last seTo select steer reference AWATo store the function press WIND is shown on the display The subfunction STRlly displays the stored AWAThe text AWASTRIf you want to change the steer reference value press The first digit flashes erence CTSnction displays CTShe bearing to waypoint CTSplayed the connected ypoint controlled by the navigator the ensated for set and drift by using the e CTS MEM WP is lit on the display automatically Rble when you want to sail the shortest erence AWAe NX2 or NMEA wind trThe underlining sign To select value press To store the value presWhen the steer referenthe analogue steer piloe Put simply you 224expand224 the wind angle arboard side 35260 STRyour tacking angle When the needle on tted 35260 wind angle You can of course alsdown wind to keep a swarn for a gibe running angle When instrument points to 15260 port side you are at 145260 When the needle is at zero 0ou are at 160260 When the needle points 15260 starboard you are at 175260 At night when you can not see the wind shifts the use of the AWAith the analogue steer pilot is a very This is a dynamite function that allows you to 224expand224 the wind anglesWhen a NX2 Autopilot is activated in wind mode the AWAstrument can be used to perform The minus sign ind angle value port side The underlining sign in front of the wind angle value Simply change the value of the digit in front of the wind angle and the NX2 Autopilot will gibe to the opposite tack starboard side The minus sign PAGE on AWAwith t instrument you can display an enlarged the AWAhen running elected vaside 160260 STRyour 9 Wind functions 91 WIND MainApparent wind angle AWAind angle TWAapparent wind speed AWSWSNote This page can either be on or off As a factory setting this page is automatically on In the set up you cThe mainfunction WINDspeed true or apparentto the right of the wind angle value Wind from port sid Wind from starbThe type of wind true or Apparent wind True wind The selection of apparent AWAor true TWAind angle in the hat is displayed on the optional analogue wind instrument art no 205501When the instrument is delivered the factory setting for the main function is apparent wind angle AWASee 1253 C51 and 92 WIND Subfunctions 921 STEER REFERENCE Pilot OFFDisplays the selected steer reference function This function also controls what is shown on instrument Art No 2211502922 STEER VALUE STRDisplays steer value for the seleor true wind speed Tan select this page to be on off or automatic on allows you to display wind angle or wind The wind angle is indicated by a symbol apparent is indicated by a letter 923 APPAREUnits displayed in ms msKTSBF see 1254 C53he function 922 TRUE WIND ANGLThis function to what is displIf the main function is set to display apparent wind angle AWAthe true wind angle TWAill be displayed here If the mainfunction is set to display true wind angle TWAapparent wind angle AWAill be displayed here If the mainfunction is set to display apparent wind speed AWSapparent wind angle AWAill be displayed here If the mainfunction is set to display true wind speed TWStrue wind angle TWAill be displayed here 924 TRUE WIND SPEED TWS This function requires a log transducer Displayed in ms msknots between TWSanel925 speed into theKTSKmMhsee 1212 C11ing The text alternates between function to what is displIf the main function is set to display apparent wind angle AWAthe true wind angle TWAill be displayed here If the mainfunction is set to display true wind angle TWAapparent wind angle AWAill be displayed here If the mainfunction is set to display apparent wind speed AWSapparent wind angle AWAill be displayed here If the mainfunction is set to display true wind speed TWStrue wind angle TWAill be displayed here 924 TRUE WIND SPEED TWS This function requires a log transducer Displayed in ms msknots between TWSanel925 speed into theKTSKmMhsee 1212 C11ing The text alternates between NT WIND SPEED AWSternates between The complimenting ayed in the main function is displayed ayed in the main function is displayed WAd the sected unitd the sected unitY MADE GOOD VMG wind or speed running with the wind in Y MADE GOOD VMG wind or speed running with the wind in 926 TACTICAL FUNCTION TACDisplays heading memory one for starboard and one for port tack For function explanation see 93927 GEOGRAThis function Displays the each cardinal point abbreviation as shown 0000260 N 0225260 NNE 0450260 NE 0675260 ENE 0900260 E 1350260 SE 1800260 S 2025260 SSW 2250260 SW 2475260 WSW 2700260 W 2925260 WNW 3150260 NW 3375260 NNW If magnetic heading is selected geographic wind direction will also 93 Tactical function This function requires a compass transducer and displays course memory One for To fully use the tactical function it is rument Art No 2211502he trim button is usually installed close to the steering position Many preferr each tack For installation of trim that your magnetic heading will be changed compared to the wind that is you will be changing your heading due to the wind shifts The tactical function will give you a fast and exact information about any wind shift Select subfunction TACWhen you have maximum 224lift224 press store the value When the wind 224heads224 more than 510 it is time Follow the same procedure on the new leg The reference value for the selected tack will be changed every time you press or the trim buttonhleg will automatically be displayThe deviation from selected course wIf you do not have the oconnected we suggest NAVIGATE page Now tactical reference TAC10 Man over boarThis function will guide you back to the position where the man This function requires either a navigator a NX2 GPS or NMEA navigator can be usedwell as a man over boarIf only a compass andreckoning MOBill be displayuseful information since a person in the water will drift almost as If a navigator a compass and a lreckoning MOBwill be performed and displayed in the SPEED the Multi Control instrument will display MOBstored in memory when the MOBbutton was activated A position in latitude and longitude is more The stored in waypoint number 99 and over writes any To activate the MOB functiA fixed alarm signal will sound briefly to alert the crew The text Off course error will be displayed in the mainfunction steer to starboard steer to port en you tack ill be displayed on the im button or analogue steer pilot you move the subfunction TACyou can display both the heading and the se alarm To turn off the off n was pressed ansducer is connected dead ckoning MOB All you have to do is To reset the MOBThe earlier calculated crDMG thBrument will indicate MOBcourse difference with priorityIt is wise to pEveryone in the crew hould be aware of the MOWhen you practice it caa crew member 11 Customise your dThe first location in the You can have your favourite subf111 Move and lock a subfunction DPTPAGETo move and lock the subfunction press cted the subfunction DPTwill be displayed at the t112 Copy and lock a subfunction Copy and lock the subfunction true wind speed TWSSelect WIND page and find the subfunction TWSPAGE To move and copy to SPEED page press PAGETo lock the function press sition will be displayed in the subfunction to keep istance to pick up your wet crew member CLEARCMGand the distance made good e MOthe analogue steer to GPS position over dead reckoning ractice this manoeuvre with the crew n be thoughisplay a list under the mainfunction tion list is an empty displaynd locked to any other page he subfunction depth DPTthe subfunction TWSThe copied subfunction remains in its original location It is only copied to a second loca The subfunction113 Select poweThe last selected coaccording to your selection in 11will display at power up114 Cancel a moTo cancel the previous moved subfunction true wind speed TWSSelect the new combination SPEED page and subfunction TWSPAGE To cancel the moved subfunction press CLEARThe subfunction is cancelled and To return the to the original display press 115 Temporary locking of alternating functions Some functions will alternate automatically between two functions Example bearing to waypoint BTWto waypoint DTWTo stop alternating press To continue alternating press will be displayed tion where it takes the place of the empty damping SEAion of page and subfunctions 1 is the first page the instrument ved or locked subfunction To get the most out of ycarefully calibrate the NTo access calibration moTo select a calibration codeAGE To return to normal mode prturn RETis displayed The different calibratioC50 calibration of WIND To change a calibrationTo select calibration vaPAGTo lock the selected value press 121 Calibration 1211 C10 RetuTo return to normal mod1212 C11 Unit KTSUnit for speed Knots KTSKhmh1213 C12 125 CAL Compare the distance withCalculate the value with the following formula True distance from the sea chart T The current calibration value C New calibration value If you suspect a current in the water divide trip counter distance by 2 s Network it is important to etwork The calibration values are stored when the text ren routines are divided into five groups TH GATE rn RET1214 C13 DAMTo change damping preTo select damping leveld9 maxTo store the value presyou may want to 224stabiliNote Damping is set se122 C20 calibration of depth 1221 C20 RETTo return to normal mod1222 C21 Unit m1223 C22 00This option is used to smeasured from the water level or the keel To measure from the ke 012 ADJhe distance frTo measure from the water surfac 004 ADJThe distance water surface is 04 m The selected value will be subtra1224 C23 Unit260CUnit for temperature Celsius Cahrenheit F1225 C24 0260C TMPTo add use underlining character 1 TMP To subtract use minus character 1 TMP1226 C25 Unit hPA Future function Unit for air pressurePING SEArough the water Controls the readout on the display then select parately for each instrument 0 ADJelect whether the displayed water depth is C30 calibrat1231 C30 RETTo return to the normal mode press 1232 C31 PAGThis setting allows you to display the Navigate page or not PAGE ATO Page automaPAGE ON Page is alwPAGE OFF Page is alway1233 C32 00260 Off Course Alarm Can b set1234 C33 000 VAREasterly variation undWesterly variation minThe local magnetic varia1235 C34 AutAutomatic compass devition1236 C35 Aut1237 C36 Auto CLRClear automatic compass deviation memory see 12431238 C37 000260ADJ1239 C38 OFF SECFormat of position in latitude and longitude OFF Position in degrees minutes and 100th of a minute Indicated by the sign ON Position in degrees minutes and seconds 12310 C39 Pilot SEALOW 13 sec MID 28 sec and MAX 11 sec ion of navigation E ATOtically on ays on CA between 00260and 99260 999260 ually printed in the sea chart 12311 C40 OFFON All headings andOFF All headings an In the Goto Wthe bearing for every leg will always be displayed as truThe setting is only ainstrument in which is set 12312 C41 DAMTo change damping press To select damping leveld9 maxTo store the value presyou may want to 224stabiliNote Damping is set se124 Compass c1241 Automatic compass deviation compensation Auto Auto DEV driving the boat in a circle up to 1274 tion can be measured and by that Drive the boat in a circle for 1 14 turn in calm water When you The undeviated compass course will be shown in the display as you turn Complete the ciWhen the manoeuvre is ready press If the deviation is corrected Auto DEVill be displayed If the deviation is not corrected an error message will be displayed To verify the automatic compa MAG bearings will be magnetic d bearings willffects the independent Multi Control PING SEAreadout on the display then select parately for You will get the bon the steering wheperformed When at any time wi1242 AutomatiAuto CHK driving the boat in a circ 1 274 turn est result in calm water with a smooth of how the circle is ted you CLEARviation check Auto CHKle up to Auto DEVpefrom the comparison betweenrepeat the same circle manoeuvre As soon as you prepeated So if you have packed your boat for the vacation think about where you place ferrous items in relation to the compass 1243 Cancel earlier performed compass deviation Auto To cancel earlier Auto DEV1244 Compass misalignment correction Adjrrection or the so called 224ACan be set between 000260and 359260 Allows 180260 reversed mounting if needed Never mount tTo check the transducer position saildrive your boat in a straight line towards two visible objects in a line If the actual heading taken from the sea chart is 330260 and the compass displays 335260 then set calibration code C36 value to 360260 5260 355260 rformed The result will be compared with less than 15 the average value Auto DEVAuto CHKill be ill be displayed will be displayed lace any kind Auto CHKshould be 125 C50 calibra1251 C50 RETTo return to the normal mode press 1252 C51 PAGThis setting allows you to display the Navigate page or not PAGE ATO Page automaPAGE ON Page isPAGE OFF Page is1253 C52 OFFSelect true TWAfunction under WIND Tdisplay the same selechave the calibration code CC51 OFF Apparent wC51 ON True wind a1254 C53 UniUnit for wind speed Metresecond 1255 C54 170wo propeller bUse 170 for a twin fin transducer with three propeller blades1256 C55 000260 ADJlue or the so called 224Afault224 makes it possible to choose any horizontal angle If the wind angle is 4260 when you saildrive the boat straight into the wind Set the calibration channel C54 to 356260 1257 C56C63 Wind calibration values In channels C55 to C62 you set the calibration values for the mast top unit Each mast top unit is individually calibrated for best accuracy See the separate wind calibration certificate supplied with each C55 000260 000 C56 045260 045 C57 090260 090 tion of wind E ATOtically on always on always off TWA e apparent wind angle AWAhe optional analogue wind instrument will Multi Control instruments which 63 set to WIAill display what is ind angle displayed ngle displayed CAL transducer with tC60 225260 225 C61 270260 270 C62 315260 315 1258 C64 WIAyed as mainfunction under WIND The optional analogueSelect from 5 functions WIA setting If the selected mainfun will show the TWAill be sshow the corresponding angle eg if AWSAWAwill be shown as the subfunction and vice versa for TWSTWAWIATrue TWADepending on what is sAWA Will display appindependent of what is sTWAWill display trindependent of what is sAWS Will display apparent wind speed AWSthis instrument independent of what is set in C51 The letters AW will be displayed to the right of the wind speed Will display true wind speed TWSthis instrument independent of what is set in C51 The letters TW will be displayed to the right of the wind speed 1259 C65 DAMPING SEADamping of True wind Direction Cwind changes To change damping press To select damping maxo store Factory value is d0you may want to the readout on the display then select Note Damping is set separately for each instrument WIA setting wind instrument will display the same angle eg if AWAhown as wind speed the subfunction will pparent wind angle AWA ON True OFF Apparentarent wind angle AWAue wind angle TWA12510 C67 WIND SPETo set a wind speed altrue wind speed is higher than the set level To switch of the alarm set C67 to 00 To silena The alarm level is set from 1 to 50 ms To set the alarm levelrequired To store the Note The Alarm level isIf the set alarm level is achted the wind speed must drop below 50 of the set ala126 C70 calibraWhen calibration code C70 is selected the LCD arrowfunctions will be display1261 C70 RETTo return to the normal mode1262 C71 OFFOn Sound when pus1263 C72 d0 SDamping of speed and course over grNexus Network and NMEA output d0 no damping d1 2 sec d2 5 sec d3 10 sec d4 20 sec d5 40 sec d6 120 min d7 240 min d8 5 min and d9 10 min 1264 C73 OFF BSPOFF NX2 log transducer On NMEA log transducer If you want to use a NMEA transducer connected to the NMEA input you have to set C73 to On The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network to all After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system 1265 C74 OFF DEPOFF NX2 depth transducer On NMEA depth transducer If you want to use a NMEA transducer connected to the NMEA input you have to set C74 to On The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network After you have changed this setting you have to restart the system ED ALARM WSAarm level The buzzer will sound when the ce an alrm press any key To select level press PAGE always set in ms regardless of unit used for displaying ed and he alarm Is silenction of Network and NMEA s for all e pressed OFF no sound EA1266 C75 OFFOFF NX2 compass If you want to use a NMEA input you have to set C75 to On The Server will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network After you have changed1267 C76 OFF WNDOFF NX2 wind transIf you want to use a NMset C76 to On The SerAfter you have changed1268 C77 to C92 1269 C93 d4 NOnly compass heading HTspeed through water BSPth thd0 05 sec d2 1 secd6 20 sec d7 40 se12610 C94 OFFSelect type of heading transducer to be displayed as mainfunction under NAVIGATE When COG is available NX2 or NMEAno compass transducer is connected you can set C94 to ONwill also be used to compute TWD true wind direction12611 C95 OFF SOGSelect speed transducer to be displayed as Boat speed through the water from log transducer ON Speed Over Ground SOG This will not affect wind calculation 12612 C96 REF BSPSelect speed transducer REF BSPpeed Over Ground REF SOGbe used for computing true wind speed and angle VMG True Wind Direction and trip log total log REF BSPater from log transducer REF SOG Speed Over Ground SOGtransducer On NMEA compass transducer EA transducer cyou have to restart the system ducer On NMEA wind transducer EA transducer connected to the NMEA input you have to ver will then transmit this information on the Nexus Network you have to restart the system T from Server HM d3 25 c d8 80 sec and d9 160 sec 1271 Transmit NMEAces OUT from SerThe Server supports 29 different NMEA sentences This means you can s o availablThe Nexus Network uses the NMA 01nces veand 20 The number inketsthe cacode for the factory slot number ven toEA sente0 227 1 APB2 BOD3 BWC4 BWR5 C77DBTthd 6 DPT7 C78GLL8 GSA9 C79GSVelliw 10 C80HDM11 C8189HDTrue h12 MTW Water temperature 13 C82MWDWind direction and speed 14 MWVApparent wind speed and angle 15 RMBMinimum navigation data 16 RMCMinimum specific GPS and TRANSITdata 17 RSARudder Sensor Angle 18 C83RTERoute Not implemented 19 C84VDRSet and drift 20 VHWSpeed and course through the water 21 C85VLWDistance travelled through the water 22 C86VPWSpeed relative to the wind 23 C87VTGCourse Over Ground and Ground Speed24 C88VWTTrue wind speed and direction 25 C90WCVWaypoint closure velocity 26 WPLWaypoint location Not implemented 27 C91XTECross track error 28 C92ZDATime and date 29 ZTGUTCTime to destination or waypoint 30 VWRApparent wind speed and angle sentenver to 16f the 29e NMEA E83 sentersion 15 brac example C79libration gi the NMnce No t signal Ailot B Bearing and distance to waypoint Dep measureSattes in vieCass heading manetic Teading 1272 Change NBefore you change anyTo select the sentence press To lock the selected sentence press One of the advantages with the Nexus Network is the very fast transmission ly slow NMEA standard about 10 times fasterherefore we recommend that you use Nexus instruments and transducers for better accuracy It takes two seconds to transmit all 16 NMEA sentences To double the transmission speed select a NMEA sentence 2 times with 7 slots away from each other as possible In a similar way you can select the a sent If you want to transmit the Nexus compass heading via NMEA to for example an autopilot select HDMery odd slot number C79 C81 C83 C93 that is 8 times which makes the speed 4 times second This leaves the MEA sentences OUT from Server of the factory set NMEA sentences check what NMEA ed by your NMEA navigator other 8 slots with evenFor connection of NMEA1273 Receive There are 6 different ma1 Position related daunt of satellite status if a GPSGPS is connected If a NGPS is co2 Navigation dataThe Server will data 4 Depth data is read oC74 DEP5mpass data is reis either Wind data angle an6 WNDis set to ONrue wied by Nexus when the boat speed the sThe following NMEA se can be APA Autopilot sentence 224A224 APB Autopilot sentence 224B224 Bearing Bearing Bearingistance to Depth measured from the transducer position Global positions fix data GPS Geographic positi DOP and active satellites Satellites in view Heading magnetic Heading true Water temperature Minimum navigation information Minimum specific GPStransit data Waypoint closure velocity Set drift Water speed and headingWind speed and direction Course Over Ground and Ground Speed measured Time date bers C78 C80 C82 C92 free to use for other instruments OUT NMEAs IN to Server sentencein types of NMEA sentences ta Position SOGCOG time and a limited amo is connected The information exusnnected it will take over the navigation nd send datticallya to the Nexus Network Eg only if C73 BSPONnly if ONad only if C75 CMP or HDMMTd wind speed is read from MWV if C7 angle and wind speed is calculat of the watern IN to Server and d waypoint and d waypoint old Target boat speed CAD Custom angular data Custom fix data Rudder Sensor Angle For connection of NMEA instrument IN to Server see Server ManualAll data POSITION BTW SOGCOG etcpe of NMEA cations the data will be selected from the sentence with the highest priority Example I Position is read in priority order GGA GLL and RMC Example II BTWDTW is priority first with RMB BWC and BWR The transmission ID the first two letters after 223224is ignored by the Server after that possible latitude and longitude correction is added C39 and C40ition is sent over the Nexus Network to all 128 Special NMThe Server can read 2 pecial NMEA sentences which can be send from a PC One contains TBS target boat speedand CFD customised retransmitted on the Nexus Network and caTo get the subfunction TfunctionThen press PAGE anTo get the pressTo get the subfunction C the 224empty224 press PAGE 1281 BaudrateIt is possible to change the baudrate from 4800bps to 19200bps To do that a PC is required a The Requesting unit is allowed to transmit the message once every 2s at nominal 4800 bps with normal NMEA start bit and stop bit settings This message may be received on any of the two Server ports b The receiving unit NX2 Serverill Confirm message c When the requesting unit receives the same message but with the flag set to C B start at the new baudrate The sending unit may now stop sending the proprietary request message since it has entered the higher baudrate There is no way back unless there is a power loss From power up baudrate is always set to 4800 and the above procedure must be repeated The receiving unit Nexus Serverill always check for the proprietary message when when in high baudrate fixpoint data These 3 data are n be displayed as select main function SPEED and the 224emptyd SET together followed by CL CAD select main function NAVIGATE and the 224empty224 together followed by CLEAR D select main function WIND andand SET together followed by CLEAR Target boat speed CFD 32767 32767 units control 13 Maintenance a To clean the instrumnwith water Do not use detergen At least once a ye s and apply Always use the instrumeon when not in Storing periods It is advisable totransducers and stroom temperature ifo132 Fault finding Before you contact your give you a better servi 225 All connected instresoftware version nume225 Server software version number 225 Nexus Network data bus ID numbers for each instrument displayed at power up1321 General In most cases the reason for or poor connections Therefore always first check that 225 Installation and connection is made per instructions for 225 Screw terminals are carefully tightened 225 No corrosion on any connection points 225 No loose ends in the wires causing short cuts to adjacent wires 225 Cables for damage that no cables are squeezed or worn 225 Battery voltage is sufficient should be at least 10V DC 225 The fuse is not blown and the 225 The fuse is of the right type 225 Two instruments do not have t and t use only mild soap solutionts or high pressure washing equipment check all your connectionnt coments when not in use for NX2 dealer and to assist your dealer to ceplease check the following points and umnt and ing their brs 1322 Fault actioFor more information sIrregular values 2 Compass No readin C75 should be OFF if no Make sure the Auto DEV Make sure the trans The transducer cable should face dow Make sure transducFor more information sIrregular values C76 should be OFFind is connected For more information s1323 Error messages The following error messages can appear on the display Nexus Network is missing check colour coded connections No data received within a given time Range error caused by bad format eg 17260 70 East Remote command that can not be performed No response from or missing navigator Waypoint not defined Functions not allowed in autopilot mode Automatic deviation not possible due to NMEA compass selected Automatic deviation check failed Turn not completed error larger than 15260 The boat probably hit a wave during turn Error larger than 15260 If other error messages than the above appearcontact your NX2 dealer n OFF if no navigator is conneine is done correctly see 1241is not mounted upside down er is alignedectly see 1244ee manual for2 Server k the compasamping SEAsee 12312 if141 Technical sDimensions 43x43 Instrument cablePower supply Power consumption at 12VTemperature range80260C 22260to 176260F Enclosure CE approval The products conforms 142 Nexus The Nexus data bus is a multi taspecially designed for marine navithe RS485 standard with up to 32 senders andor receivers to form a Local Area Network Data is transmitted synchronously with 1 startbit 8databits 1 paritybit two stopbits in 9600 baud User policyThe Nexus data bus is open for new users and applications without a licence or a licence fee The data bus is however the property of the manufacturer which means the specbe followed in order to protect the commitments to the Nexus data bus performance and safety For most PCapplications the 21248will be a very useful tool for monitoring real time data to edit and store waypoints to PCfile GPS The interface is supplied with a cable for connection from PC to the Server or NX2 instpole Dsub connector is connected to the RS232 port on the PC 12V DC 1016Vhe instrumy protected Multi Control instrument 008W with maximum lighting 08W Server 02W Operation 10260 to 70260C14260to 158260F t 260 gram 917 ozMulti Control Instrument Water proofto the EMC requirements for immunity and ork introduction and user policy 143 Optional Accessories Below find a selection oal access221183 Multi Ctrument an221182 Multi Control and Server w221181 Speedg 221184 Wind D221185 Compass Data with transd221186 GPS N221201 Server199158 Depth 207211 CFwinGPS Ah NMEA221171 Speed log instrument 221173 Multi Control instrument 221174 Wind Data instrument 221175 Compass Data instrument 221176 GPS Navigator instrument 221177 Autopilot instrument NX2 Analog Instruments all supplied with 02m cable2211501 NX2 Analog Wind Angle 2211502 NX2 Analog Steer Pilot 2211503 NX2 Analog Speed Trim 2211505 NX2 Analog Speed 016kts 2211506 NX2 Analog Speed 050kts 2211507 NX2 Analog Depth 0200m 2211508 NX2 Analog Depth 0600ft 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 2211510 NX2 Analog Compass 2211511 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 016kts 2211512 NX2 Analog GPS Speed 050kts 2211513 NX2 Analog GPS Course Remote Control Instrument RCIith Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 212181 Bracket Remote Control instrument llows cable cable connectionf optionories available Please contact your local NX2ith Speed Log and depth t log with loata with transducer 25m cable mast bracket avigator with GPS Antenna 810m cable compl wither cables transducere for NX2 only ss transducm cable ss transducm cable ransducer 2e mast bracket d transducen Fibre Mast Twist wit 0183 output all supplied with 02m cable216801 Multi XL instrument 4m cable RCI or Multi Center needed to control Multi XL216841 Multi XL Set Multi XL instrument and Remote Control instrument 221186 GPS N221176 GPS N209922 Bracket GPS Antenna plastic with female thread 1 x 14 tpi Nexus Autopilot components 221177 Autopilot instrument Remote Control instrument with Autopilot control 5m cable bracket 2211509 NX2 Analog Rudder angle 210352 Servo Unit A1510 8m cable 2113424 Pumpset PF03 24V Pumpset PF03S 12V with solenoid 2134124 Pumpset PF03S 24V with solenoid 6999112 Integrated Linear Drive HP40 stroke 254mm peak thrust 500kg avigator wiAntenna 810m cable ntenna with NMEA 0183 output 144 DescriptionAWA AWS BAT BF Bearing Original DesBTW CTS DEFAULT Factory Distance Made Good DPT DePTh DRiFt Speed of current DST DiSTance DTW Distance To Waypoint EDIT EDIT Electro Magnetic Compatibility F Fahrenheit F1F9 Figure of merit Fathoms FT FeeT Apparent Wind Angle Apparent Wind Speed BATtery BeauFort Bearing To Waypoint Course over Ground Course Made Good Course Over Ground Course To Steer GoTo Global Positioning NetwHDT True HT Identity KT KTS KnoTS LAT LATitude LOW MAX MEMory Man Over Board National Marine Electronic Association NXT NeXT Off Course Alarm RET RETurn Availability SAT SATellite SET SET Direction of current SHallow Speed Over Ground STA STArt To True Kilometre per hour KnoTs Liquid Crystal Display Local Geodetic Datum LOW MAX metres per second Miles per hour STR STeeR SW West TAC TACtical TMP TeMPerature TRP TRiP TTG Time To Go TWA True Wind Angle TWS True Wind Speed UTC Universal Time Coordinate Velocity Made Good West WCV Waypoint Closure Velocity WP Waypoint XTE Cross Track Error Wind from port side Wind from starboard side The boat is left of the desired track The boat is right of the desired track 15 Warranty are correctly installed aioperation manual they will prdistributors can provide you with the iin the world Please read through and fill insLIMITED WARRANTYThe warranty covers repair of defrepaired in the country of purchcommences from the date of purchase The above warranty is the only warranty and no other terms expressed implied warranty of merchantabili The supplied warranty card and receipt with proof of purchase date must be shown to validate any warranty claim Claims are to be made in accordance with the claims procedure outlined below The warranty is nontransfer The warranty does not appfaulty installation or incorrect fusing to conditions resulting from improper use external causes including service or modifications not performed by the Manufacturer or by its national distributors or operation outside the environmental parameters specified for the Product The Manufacturer will not compensate for consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by the malfunction of its equipment The Manufacturer is not liable for any personal damage The Manufacturer its national distributors or dealers are not liable for charges arising from sea trials installation surveys or visits to the boat to attend to the equipment whether under warranty or not The right is reserved to charge for such services at an appropriate rate The Manufacturer reserves the right to replace any products returned for repair within the warranty period with the nearest equivalent if repair within a reasonable time period should The terms and conditions of the warranty as described do not affect your statutory rights CLAIMS should be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it was originally purchased Valid claims will then be serviced and returned to the Alternatively if the equipment is being used away from the country of purchase it may be returned to the national distributor or one of its appointed dealers in the country where it is being used In this case valid claims will cover parts only Labour and return postage will be invoiced to the sender sense must be used at all times when navigating and the navigation equipment should only be considered as aids to navigation The Manufacturers policy of continuous improvement may result in changes to product specification without prior notice WARRANTYuilt to comply to the highest class industry standards If the ovide long and reliable service Our international Network of nformation and assistance you may require virtually anywhere thi warranty card and send it to your national distributor for ective parts due to faulty Manufacturing and includes labour when ase The warranty perioor implied will apply The Manufacturer specifically excludes the ty and fitness for a particular purpose rable and extends only to the original purchaser ly to Products from which serial numbers have been removed CityZip Code Country Date of purchaseDate installed Dealers stamp Tick here if you do not wish to receive news about future CARD OUR NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR MULTI CONTROL 65 Copyright 251 Nexus Marine AB Kuskv344gen 4 191 62 Sollentuna Sweden Tel 46 0ax 46 Trust Inc10UVeriSign Time Stamping Service Root1402UNO LIABILITY ACCEPTED cc EF HHEFa aHHEF a FHHEFa a aHHEFa fHHEFa aaHH E D ZQX DY QX MDY QX DY EhD EEadPQXEDYCcbB ECDCCe ia D QXDzzYYFFaHKS XYXY EDEDEeE j Bhja RyE TXYaDRy E I c a a CC5vAp AE PXaYddbQXdd EDYKTX FH FHYYCXddadQX FH

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