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YAIIMAFI trlIESiEL EIGIIUE rr a t MOOELtI CONTENTS1 Description 1z lnstallation 24 Exhau Pipe 4 25 Intake Pipe 5 26 Remote Control System t 27 Ater Launching o4 Pecautions With New Engine 105 BeoreOperation 11 51 FuelSupply 11 52 LubeOilSupply and Lubricatign 12 53 Checkinguel lrijection 15 Starting 16 6l How to Start rhe Engins 16 62 After Starti 177 18L Stoppin9 20 F9 Periodical Checks 21 91 22 92 EverylO0 Hours 23 93 EverygHours 26 Evry500 Hours 2710 Adjustment and Reassembly Stripping 29 101 Precautions 29 102 Pecautions 3011 Air Venting of FuelInjection System 3112 Checking Valve FuelInjection 13 Checking FuelIniection andAdiusting Timing 3715 Stripping of Fuellnjection andReassembly Pump 38 V a l v e 15 1 Deliv er v q 152 Regulator 39 153 Plunger 4016 41 1 DESCRIPTION OF PARTS Clut c h hous ing Fuel t ank oil ation pump Fuelcock J I Gearlever Aiternator ll Fueltank drai npl ugJ Startingmotor only with electrical Engine feet Enginefeet starting L u b eo i l d ra i np i p e Not fitted pin Eve nur for rarlng snatt Exhaustelbow 1 ilirtate pipe Fl ex ible c ou Coolingwater pump Flex ible mountinq Rotarytype Rocke bbx Draincock wate typeCXlwith attached t 2 INSTALLATION 21 Engine Bed 1 Useharddry timber An unstableengine excessive bed causes vibration which may resultin a shaftandother damage I cm 3 4 squareCut out the necessary 21 Usetimberof at least sections to accommodatethe clutch case 3 Angle of inclination the type of boat and the placeof it lnstalling at angleabove this limit leadsto excessivelosso HPreducing the speed of the boat andto abnormal wearimpairing f t4l Makesurethat the engine bed securel I irmly to the hull Leave enoughspace the engine beneath bed to permittight Tri eningof the nutsfor the engineset bolts 5 Great care should be taken when installingthe enginethe propelle shaft and thrust shatcan be 22 Mounting 1 Mount the engine onto the bed 21 Tighten the set bolts evenly and securely Oo not try to tighten them orcibly if the propellershaft is not correctly aligned Ir tl II 1 2 9 1 3 propeller shaft o intermediate shatif present to the engine irstly checkthe clearance al both shaft couplings l4easue the clearance at the top bottom let and right of the coupling flange with a thickness gauge and repeat until the clearance doesnot exceed 02 mm at any point lf the centerof the engine thrust tat is too high planethe engine bed if it is too low inserta floor platebetween the engine and the bed 4 Recheck alrgrnrntafter launching 23 System 1 Attach the V belt for the to the pulleyin the center of the PTOshaft Adjust the belt tensionsothat delection is about 5 mm whenthe middleof the belt is presseddown with the thumb Adjust by looseningthe coolang water pump set boltsand repositioning the pump NB Operatingthe coolingwater pump without waterwill resultin damage to the not operateuntil the water 2 Fit the Kingstoncock to the hull Seellustration 3 Measure the distances rom the Kingston cock to the coolingwater pump intakeand om the engine cooling water outlet to the outside o f t he hull Cut a u b b e rh o s e i d l3 mm od 20 mm into the correct length NB The rubber hose is not suppliedas standard 3 i I14 Connect the Kingstoncock to the intakewith the one hose and engine to the outsideo the hull with the other hoseas and straight Then secure tightly with metalclamps5 Thermostatfor coolingwater is equipped for asstandard in cold weather24 Exhaust Pipea Drytype1 Attach the dry type silencerto the exhaust langeon the attachthe exhaust pipe to the outlet o the silencer2 l it is necessary to bendthe exhaust radiuso the curvature is at least100 mm3 pipe centerrestat an appropriate point on the hullb Wet type optionalorder1 Attach the exhaust gaspipe to the exhaust elbowthen attachthe wet type silencerto the Connect the outlet o the silencer to the outsideo the hull with the rubber hoseid48 mm exhaust3 Connect the to the water intakeport o the wet type silencer with the rubberhos t 1 To lize PT 16r rup9rY iI I iI i 25 IntakePipe En g ine room Fit an extension pipeto the intakepipe as shownin the figure This permitsfresh Exhaust air to be suckedin rom outsidethe engine pr pe room and prevents aultsdue to temper Camp by poor ventilationIn th e engt ne r oom Usea resinor iron pipe Avoid irregular onos of intakepiper Outerdiameter YSES 386 mm YS12 427 mm3 pipe is not supplied NB Extension asstandard overthe intakepon to prevent Attach a shelter the pipe dirt and waterfrom entering 26 21 SpeedControl Lever 1 The speed control lever can be operatedbi meanso the remote control cable Installthis in a convenient place t2l Lay the remotecontol cableas R emote control should caote havea radiusof at least30 cmI 3 Grease 4 262 the coreof the remotecontrol stengthby meansof the adjusting bolts For emote control operation of the the wire to the snall YSESand ySE12 handstarting hole in the lever Models only areequipped with remotecontrol decompression handle 3 metercableis optional 5269 Gear LeverA hole is providedin the attachment of a connectingrod o remotecontrol accoding to the conditionson your boat lt can be itted to morsetype controlcableif a bracketor oilevacuation pump is fitred bracket and oilevacuation pump are available asoptionals 4 SystemFor YSE9XYand YSE12XYonly27 Electrical271 PartsThe electical system comprises the following 1 Starter 2 Alternator 3 Dushpanel 4 Wireharness 5 Startercable 6 Battery 7 Oil pressure the followingmust be O these asoptionals to any alteration without notice Charging alternator 12V 25Al4P WireharnesF 3 m for wire harness extension tor remotecontrol Startercable 12V 40Ah for requentuse Battery l 2 V7 0 A h fo r b oat not useddai l Y Oil pressure warninglight Oil pressue waning Pressure switch for hydrauliclight assembly Oil pressure Wiring 1 the wire haness Connect aso llows and terminals 6poleconnector Connect to instrument panel side o Connect to alternatorside Connect to starterside Greenterminal Join to oil pressute Pessure switch is optional extras Blueteminal Join with startecable to starter magner Black terminar terminar to starter jiijrile Please connect accoding to the colo indicationr Red emaleteminal Connectto instrument pJncl sidea or work load under 10A 21 Installthe instrUment panelin a convenient position Threemeters extension canbe obtainedif wie harnessA is too short Select a dry placeee from 31 Connectthe startercables Startercable Connect battery terminaland Connect togetherwith the blue cord round teminal o the wire harnessB Starter cable Connect battery terminal and ater set bott earthto body Connect together with rhe blackcord round terminalof the wire harness B 41 Makesureall terminals are securely connected then coatwith grease 5 morethat all the connections 273 Check Prepae the enginefor startingand turn the ignitionkey Checkthat opeationis normalsee Section7 7 J Never engine operate cables with thestarter disconnected fromthbltery srnce oangerouov rOfffi disconnected with the battery i theV is permissible L C hargi ngl i ght 4V3W Oi l pressure w arni ng l i ghth Work1gi t KeYF unde 1CiJ switch t P t7rz 1r rF motor Startang Sta r te r in sta lla tio n b o lt A s t h e r i s n o e a th o b ta in e a th co n n e ctio n fr o m the engi ne or bai try 8 3 AFTER LAUNCHING 1 Checkthat there is no water or air leak from the gland of the stern tub or the Kingstoncock joints l2l Check that the engineset bolts and shaft coupling are 3 Release the compression with the decompression lever and gently turn the enginewiththe starting handle Comparethe resistance when the gearlever is in when it is in the engaged reverse no appreciable lfieis is correct howeverif the resis againstturning is much strongerwhen the clutch is engaged recheckthe rLtce s alignment of the the engine to avoidbrakage of the propeller shaft and other I 4 9 4 PRECAUTIONS WITH NEW ENGINE Overloading the engine beforeit is properlyrun in shortens its life considerably The irst 150 hoursof operation shouldbe treatedasa runningin period 1 No irst 50 hoursof runningin periodAvoid operating at DIN A ratingspeed with exhaust l2l Ater 50 hourso the lubeoil in the crankcase and clutch caseAlso cleanthe lubeoilfilter 3 Thereafter the crankcase change lubeoil every 100 hoursand the clutch caselubeoil every250 hourso operationThis prolongs enginelife l 4 To eplacethe lubeoil first discharge the old oil while the engineis still warm and cleanthe insidewith light oil Then add the new oil i At 10 hoursper day operation 50 hours 150hours Every 10 5 days rdays 100 50 hours lrL g C h a n g elu b e o il a n d Change lube oil and ctean l ube oi l i l tr c le a n lu b e o ililte r z 50 hours 30Ohous Evey 25 doyr 25O ii C h a n g lu b e o il 10 7t 5 B E FOREOP E RAT I O N 51 FuelSupply 0 t FUel lightoil J l S K2 2 0 4o r e q u i v a l e n t Used ies el Recommended brandnames of fuel S upplier BandName I S he l ld i e s o l i n o er l o c a l t S HE LL equrv a re n l C A LT E X Caltex diesel oil MOBIL M ob i ld i e s eo l ila ESSO Essodiesel oil B P B r it is h BPdiesel oil Petroleum 512 Fuel Tank Capacity F ill the fu el ta nk with dies elf uel Tank capac ity is as ollo ws t tl il 513 l Removing Wate and Dirt Presentin Fuel Water and dirt which lead to malunctioning o the engine are sometimes p resen tin the uel oil r l It j 11 12 Leave the drum standingfor about 10 daysto allowany waterand dirt to sinkto the bottom Filter the oil througha cleaninely woven cotton or silk cloth Leave standing Avoid rockingor shaking the drum about 10 days Throw away sediment 514 DrainingFuel Tank To remove the waterand dirt accumulated in the bottom o the uel tank drain rom the drainplug everyday beforefilling fuel oil D rai n pl Li g 52 LubeOil Supplyand Lubrication L u beO iltitt Recommended brandnames o lubeoil for crankcase and gearbox S A E N o Ilt Supplier 1 B r a n d Na m e b e lo w lOo C 10 2ooc 20 350C over 35oC S h e l l R or e lla Oil 10w 20t20w 2020w 30 40 50 I SH L L S h e e lT a lo n a Oil 10w 30 20 50 40 30 S h e l l R i m u la Oil 20120w 20tzut 40 J I L2 I LI R P M D e l o M a r in e Oil t0w 30 20 50 40 CALTEX RPIVI D e l o lM u lti Se r vice 20120w 30 Oil 20 50 10w 40 30 D e l v a cS p cia l low 20 40 Delvac20W40 20w40 20w40 MO B I L 10w 30 D e l v a c I 1 0 0 Se r ie s 2020vt 50 2020v 40 l0w 30 Delvac 1200Series 2020w 50 2020w 40 30 EstorHD 10w 20 40f 30 ESSO EssoLube HD 20 50 40 30 S t a n d a r d D i se lOil 10w 20 50a 40 BP E n e r g o l ICM BP BP V a n e llu s 30 20w30 20w30 50 BP n e rg o l DS3 40 BP V a n e llu s5 3 Re m a r ks T h e vis cosi ty grade of the l ube oi l shoul d b e ch oosed to srri th l ambi enl ai r te m p arature 521 Crank Case Remove the oil ilter capand fill with lube oil up to the uppermarkingon the dipstick To checkthe level screwing in the cap Avoid overfilling and underfillingtt 13Th e vo lum eof lubeoil i s a sfo l l o w s 522 Clutch Case t he lubeoilf ille r c a pa n di l l w i thR e mo velubeoil up to the uppermarkingon thedipstick Usethe same oil asfor the crankca5eThe volumeo lubeoil is asfollows IThe correctoil levelcanonly be ship is level a523 the and starting with iube e c io 53 Checking FuelInjection 1 Openthe fuel cock The uel is fed t h ought he f uel i l te r to th e fu e l injec t ionpum p 2 Setthe speed contol leverto LOW andt he gearleve r to N E U T R AL 3 Raise the decompression leverand turn the startinghandle 5 or 6 times Checkthat you canhearfuel being injectedI l4 lf you cannothearfuel beinginject ed like squeasing noise air is present in t he f uel injecti o n s y s te ma n dm u s t be vented Beerto Section12a 15 6 STARTING 61 How to Start the Engine 61l ManualStarting 1 Set the speed control lever to LOW 12 Raise the decompession leverand turn the or 6 ti m esunt ilt he f ly w h e e E l ains mo me n tu m 3 Release the decompression leveand urther 2 or 3 turns The enginemust start t 612 1 control leverto LOW Set the speed l2l Wheninsertthe ignitionkey and turn i1 to the ON position the chargelamp lred and the oil light redlight up l the lightsdo not behave correctly checkthe electracal Ch a r g el i ghr system 3 Raisethe decompression lever Whenturn the ignitionkey to the STARTING position the charge warninglight redgoes lamp redis up and the oil pressure out This turnsthe starter 1 4 H old t he k ey in t h i s p o s i ti o no r a b o u t5 s e c o n d u gai ns s nti l the engi ne mo mentumthen release the decompression lever The enginenow stats R eleaste he k ey im me d i a te l y to the ON posi ti on so th a t i t re l u rn s As engine speed increases the charge light red and the oil pressure waning light red go out o 5 l the enginefailsto startevenwhen the key is held in the STARlNG position for 10 seconds returnit to the allow 30 seconds for the batteryvoltage recovers Holdingthe key in the continuously leadsto aultsin the circuit 6 lf the enginestill failsto startcheckfuel injectionand compression 16 613 Startingin Cold Weaer In especiallycold weather pour about 05ccof gasoline throughthe intakepipe carenot to add too muchgasoline knockingand asthis causes co mpr es s ion leak ageIn s te a d o fg a s o l i n eYa n ma rA e rosol canal sobeused extra Neitherneedbe used when the enqine is warm 62 AFTER Starting 1 As the engine gainsspeedthe start ing Remove the fix the pin to the startingshafta t2 Checkthe visualoil pressure indica tor to seethat lubeoil is circulating properly With engines usingelect ric startingand equipped with an oil pressure the oil pressure warninglight redis of 3 Checkthat coolingwater is comingout of the lf it is not stop the engine and checkthe water system or blockages continuing in t his c o n d i ti o n o per at ion re s u l ts i n the cool i ng i n w e a rto th e i mpel l er w ater pum p lf c oolin g w a te rc i rc u l a ti o ni s b a d re move the pump i ntakepi peand p m e t4 With engines checkthat the chargelight is off This light goesout at about650 rpm and begins charging 5 Allow the engine to idle for about 5 minutes with the gearleverin theo NE U RA L pos i ti o n T h i sa l l o w sl u b eo i l to c i rcul ateto al l metalparts and is in cold weather Puttingthe engine into gearimmediate ly ater seizure anddamage to movingparts Whenoperating or the first time ater launching let the engine idle or 20o minutes then gradually increase engine speed 6 After checking the that operationis normalengage 17l Finally c hec kt h a t n o a b n o rman arepresent a te ro r o i l l eaks l o i s ew 7 DURING OP E RA TI O N 1 Neveroperate the gearleverbeore fi r s t r educ ingeng i n e speed to SL OW Changing gearat high englne speeds damages the friction discsand accel erates wear Sudden changesfrom full speed ahead to astern must always be avoided exceptin emer gencies The clutchshouldbe engaged gent ly and disengaged qlickly Adjust the speed of the boat with the ac celerator lever neverslip the clutch t2 lf the oil pressure rotateslowlyor stoplube oil is not circulating properly But this is not appliedin the caseo low speedoperation Badcirculation indicatesthat the lube oil is old and needschanging With engines equipped with an oil pressure normalif the oil pressure warninglight is of 3 that coolingwater is comingout of the coolingwater pipei outlet l the low of water is low o intermittent the pipingsystem and the stopthe engine and check 4 With engines checkthat the charge lightsup there is a fault in the charging light is OFF lf it repair c 18 5 Chec kt he f uel o i l l e v e l i n th e ta n k and add fuel when it approaches the lowermarking on the fuel gauge Operating with insufficient uel can esultin air entering the uel iniec tion system stopping the engine Depending on t h e l o a d a fu l l fu e l or 35 h o u rso t ank las t s oper at ion 61 O nc ea day t ur n th e l u b eo i l fi l te r handle severaltimes This emoves to the ilter plates dirt adheringt 17 Checkthe coloro the exhaust Blackexhaust indicates that the engine is beingo v e rl o a d e d an d operation must neverbe continued f or longper iodi n th i s c o n d i ti o n 8 Depending on the installation and structure of the hull vibrationmay occurwhen engine soeed eaches a is due to resonsn c e of t he engine a n d th e h u l l N o te the c ondit ions u n d e rw h i c h th i so c c ur sand av oidr u n n i n gth e e n g i n eat that particular speed ol frl ter handl e Lub warepump Rolaytype s Check or waier gasanloit teakc 19 8 STOPPING1 Al way sr educ e g ra d u a l l y speedt2l To s t opt he engin ep u t th e g e a rl e v e r i n N E U T R ALl et the engi ne i dl ethen setthe speed control leverto STOP Avoid stopping the engine by means o the decompression lever this causes fuel to accumulate in the combustion chamber and canresultin accidents at the next time o starting3 W it h engines us in g e l e c tri c the key and rn th e k e y O FF R emove s ta rti n gtu attachthe supplied rubbercap4 Close the fuel cock 351 ln cold we ath er dr ain of f t he c ool ing water to prevent reezing Close the lever on the Kingston cock and dra in o the wa ter r om ins ide t he en gin e thro ug h the dr ar n c oc k under neath the cylinder head loosen and remove the cooling water pump intake and outlet pipes drain of the water f rom in sid e th e pi pes t hen t ur n he engine severa ltimeswith t he s t ar t ing handle t o dischargethe water from inside the cooling water pump6 Wip e of an y dirt w hile t he engine is stillwa rmt7l Stop the engine at the compiession stroke by turning it with the start ing ha nd le u ntil re s is t anc eis elt Do not use the At this posiiion the intake and em ov e the c ool i ng c exhaust valvesae closed protecting w ater pump i ntake the cylind er a nd v alv e s eat s r om and oul rt p pes and expel the w ater rom m oisture i nsi de the pump8 l necessary coverthe mouth of the an empty canto preventrain waterfrom enteringthe engine 2 0 9 P E RIODICA L CHE CK S R e g u l arc hec k ingis vi ta l i f th e e n g i n ei s to b e k e p t i n goodcondi ti onS chedul es va rya c c or dingt o oper a ti n g c o n d i ti o n s p o f fu e l o i l and l ubeoi l used ty etcbut the chartbelowwill serve asa roughguide For the relevant paragraphs Da lly Every100 Evety 250 Everys00 Check and retill n 6 Drain fuel tank Q re o e re i l l i nq C l e a n a n d e p l a c e fu e i ilte r e le m e n t cl R epl cetQ i r Q C h e c k o i l l e v e l i n ca n k ca sea n d clu tch L u b r i c a t i o n s t a r tin gsh a ft ch a in e tc f u r n l u b e o i l f i l t e r h a n d le o a n d cle a n lu b e o il filte r Disassemble C h a n g el u b e o i l i n cr a n k ca se C h a n g el u b e o i l i n e lu tch ca se at 5 Drain a A 3 C h e c k c o o l i n g w a te r cir cu la tr o n J F 9 C h e c k f u e l i n j e c t i o n so u n d J A d j u s t f u e l i n j e c t io n r e g u la to r o C h e c k f u e l i n j e c t io n tim in g o C l e a n n e e d l e v a l v J Retighten A d i u s t i n t a k e a n d e xh a u stva lve 1 C l e a n c o m b u s t i o n su r a ce o E C l e a n p r e c o m b u s tio n ch a m b e r Jl L a p i n t a k e a n d e xh a u st va lve s C h e c k v a l v e s t e m sa n d va lve g u id e s o Clean br e a t h e r v a l v e Chec k b e l t t e n s i o n c o o l i n g wa te r p u m p a n d r Replac ea n t r c o r r o s i v ez i n c U p i s t o n c h e c k r in g s Dis as s e m b l e J 21 91 Daily 911 Fueland LubeOil 1 O pent he dr ainpl u go n th e u e l ta n k and remove the dirt and waterac cumulated at the bottom o the tank IIB W it h engin e u s singe l e c tri c startingfirst cver the starter and alternator with a sheet of vinyl to protectthem rom oil D rai n pl ug t2 C hec kt he f ueloil l e v e li n th e ra n k a n d r ef ill if nec es s a ry RotarY Waterpump 3 C hec kt he lubeoil te v e il n th e c ra n k case and up to th e upperm ar k in g o n th e d i p s ti c k 4 urn the handleo the lube oil ilter on the outlet sideseveral timesto the let or right912 CoolingWater Checkwaterflow from the cooling waterpump Also checkfor water leaks913 the th a sm all am ountof o i l e 914 Fuel lniectionSound Cr ankt he engi n e b e fo res ta rti n g a n dc h e c kth at fuel i ni ecti oni s normal 915 DrainingOff the CoolingWater In cold weather drainof the the waterfrom inside the drain cockremovethe cooling water pump intakeand outlet pipesand expelthe waterrom insidethe PumP seeSection 8 w ater pump i ntakea and ourl et pi pes and drai n off the w ater 92 Y ery 100 Hours 921 Remove The ilte is located the uel oil ilter and washit in kerosene belowthe fuel cock Strip as follows 2 3 1 t he uel o i l p i p ea n d u n s c re w R em ov e th e 2 n u tssecuri ng the fuel cocksetbol t21 Pull out the fuel cock and removeit Leave the oil gauge attached r t th e b a c ko f th e fu e l c ockand a 19 mm spanner l ns er ta 17 m m sp a n n ea at the hexagonal section on the filter sideLoosen and remove To assemble ollow the reverse procedure Takespecial carewith the 0 rings on the uel cockjoint surface92Z Retighten the nut s Us inga si n g l e s p a n n e r tightenthem securely and evenly asshownin the diagram a T ight ening t o q u e 637 tl b 1 2 4k g m 2 4 923 Checkthe tensionof the cooling water pump andgenerator v belts Pressdown with the thumb In the centeof the beltsnormal deflectionis about 5 mm To e adjustthe tension loosen the set boltso the or alternator and reposition it 924 Drainoff the lubeoilfrom inside the crankcase and washthe inte r ior wit h lig h to i l T h e nf i l l w i rh a lubeoil Thisshouldbe perform ed after the irst 50 hoursof operationin the case o a new a engr ne l 1 Dr ainof f t he o l d l u b eo i l a fte r fi rs t runningthe engine until it is warm The drain plug is located belowthe l2l Remove the washthe inside o the crankcase with light oil beforeilling with new oil 925 Clean the insideof the lubeoil ilte Remove the 3 ilter coverr setboltsand pull out the filter Wash thoroughlywith light oil Brusho dirt adhering to the filter platest 25 926 Clean the breather valve The breather valve is attached to th e in sid eo f t he r ear c y linder cover Remove the breather valve assemblyfrom the cover and witho ut str ipping was h it t hor o ug hly in l ight oilr1 Iit 93 Every250 Hours 931 Checkintakeand exhaust valvetip and rockerarm clearances t1 Checking valveclearance shouldbe donewhen the engineis cold t t2 Rem ov e t he r o c k e rb o x c o v e r a n dro ta teth e e ngi ne manual l y unti l otpr ari on oc c ur s T his cl o s e ste i n ta k ea n de x h a u sv t a l ves 3 Checkthe clearance between rockerarm with a eelergauge is 02 mm 4 lf necessary adjustthe clearance by means of the rockerarm Tightenthe locknut securely after adiustment Fee er gauge i 7 O2mn a I Ei L I l l 04 26 932 Change the lubeoil in the crank c as eP um po u t th e o l d o i l fro m the crankcase while the engine is still warm Reillwith new lube r oil i ffi I i Ca 94 Every500 Hours 941 Strip and cleanthe lap the your dealer if possible 1 Remove the strip the precombustion chamber valvesprings ano valves 21 Remove rust and insidethe precombustion chamber on the on the surface valvesats and on the top o the piston TakeCare not to damage the metalsuraces 31 Checkthe clearance the clearance between is excessively widethe be replaced Also checkthat there is insidethe rockearm chambe i4 Lap the valveseats First remove partswiln the roughest coarse lapping powder Then lap with a ine lapping powderand inish witli lubeoit 942 Replacthe f uel f ilter elemen NS lo s X 943 Disassemble the fuel injectionvalve valveCheckfuel and cleanthe needle injectionater reassembly seeSection13 944 leveruel details Adjustthe governor see Section14 945 Checkuel seeSection15 946 Replace the anticorrosive zinc Rem ov e t h e a n ti c o rro s i vzeinc coverlocated at the sideof the pipe c y linder side a n d re p l a c eth eF z inc Anticorrosive zinc prevents elect rolytic corrosion inside the engine F ailur e to replace i t re g u l a rl y leads to serious damage lrl j 947 Takeout the pistonand remove the piston replace consultyour dealerif possible l l li 2l1iEsfi lr 28 STRIPPING 10 ADJUSTMENT AND REASSEMBLY10 1 Precautions and maintenance helpensure that the engine is keptin good conditionat all times In this way faultscanbe repaired in their serious breakdowns o the engineis oncea yearthe engine must be strippedand overhauled Whenstripping besureto observe the ollowing Thisapplies to engines of commercial application1 structureand functiono eachpart so asnot to wastetime or cause damage by parts lMakea noteof the methodo assembly of eachpart and be sureyou know how to reassembleit12 Prepare the strippedparts a boadon which to arrange Washall partsthor oughlyand placethem on the boardin the correctorder3 Usethe propertools Take carenot to damage the parts or scratch4 To etconto the boltsto which they belongwhen placingthem on the board5 o te th e p o s i ti o n Dur ings t r ippi n gn marksThe ol l ow i ng o f a l i g n ment parts havealignment marks Connecting rod BIG end camshaft gearand crankshaft gearjoint for thrust shatand propeller shaft or intermediate shaft Where necessary makeyourown alignment marks6 Repair 1 worn sections hammermarks scratches andother minor damagelt 1 r is not necessary to removelarge entirelybut be sureto smooth scratches down allr oughe d g e s a 1t7l Cleanthe inside o the crankcaseand other partswhich are normallydif I icult to reach 2 9 102 Precautions In general reassembly Note the following in reverse 1 Washall alignall settingmarksto ensure 2 Ti ght enall nut san d b o l tse v e n l y 3 all split pinsclaw washers Replce and packings l4l lMakesurethat split pinsfit tightly into the holes and split the endsafter attachingAlso be sureto bendclaw washers properly 5 Smear the all bearings partswith lubeoil and other slidingand interlocking Ap ply m anuallyd o n o t u s ea c l o th 6 Gjvespecial attentionto the governor to the adjust ment of the governor and the uel take careto adjust uel valveclearance correctly t7l t rk so n c o n n e c ti ng Be s ur et o alignall a l i g n m e nma rod B IG endgears etc 8 Ater reassembly turn the engine with the starting handleand checkthat no is produced noiseor abrasion abnormal e Checkthat thereare no leaksin the and lubeoil pipe systems Whenreassemby is complete checkonce morethat everything is normal Then supplyfuel and lubeoil and carryout a the allow at least 3 itting Repair any aultsdetected at this time f a 30 11 AIR VE NTING OF FUE L INJ E CT I O NSYSTEM The uel comprises the fuel tank the fuel fuel injectionpipe and the uel injectionvalve Fuel is not injected if air is present any wherein th is system Air entersthe system whenfuel runsout andwhen the fuel injectionpump asstripp ed lt shouldbe vented asollows 1 Replacethe fuel cock in the open posltlonta l2l Loosen the nipples at eachend of the fuel iniectionpipe Set the governorlever to LOWl 3 Loosen the by about two turnsand when bubbleree uel comesout 1iI securely tightenthe deliveryvalve b holderand thenater attaching the the fuel pump sidenipple Jt 4 Now turn the engine with the starting handle about 30 times Oil is circulated and comes out from the nippleon the injection valveside Whenno moreair bubbles are presentin the oil tightenthe nipple a 5 Continue turningthe engine until you hearthe soundof fuel indicates that the air vented tr 3r VALVE 12 CHE CK INGFUE L INJE CT I O N Badexhau color and reduced output powerare often the resulto unsatisfactory fuel 1 Remove the fuel takeout the fuel semblyfrom the cylinderhead t2l Installthe engine asshownin the illustration 3 Vent the air from the uel injectiona 4 After air venting turn the startingt handle and observe the atomization of the uel asit is injected rom the nozzle Keepyour facewell clear 5 Normallyfuel is injected in a ine lf uel atomization is abnomalstrip the Fuel iniection and checkthat the nozzle valvehasnot seized due to Fuel val ve spri ng cl ampdirt etcin the nozzlebody The the Fuel val vesP ri ngcl amPnozzlebody after stripping washthese packrng taking 9 N ozzl e spri nq adj usl i ngpartsin light oil and keepthem cleanThen onc abovelf injectionis still auly haveyour local replace the lntespindleor adjustthe fuel uel 60 kgcm2 I ta 34 13 ADJUSTINGFUEL The functiono the governor is to to variations in the loadon the e n g i n eT hef uel injecti o n re g u l a to rtra n s m i ts th e a cti injectionpump by regulating the amountof uel supplied stable operation at all times The egulator must be adiusted whenever the uel pump is stripped and when uel indistinct after long periods o operalron Whenuel indistinct asfotlows adtust 1 Loosen the connecting screw l oc k nut 12 Turn the connecting screw90o count terclockwiseso that the punch mark comes to the nearside 3 Tightenthe lf necessary or if the uel iniection pump har bn siipped adiust asfollows 1 1 L oos en s c r ew 2a n d l o c k n u t 4 t2 Set the speed control leverto H lGH screw3 makingsurethat its bottom end doesnot 3 Screwin connecting bottom surface lever5 Sel the punch o the governor mark 6 to the cylindersideso that the groovein the screwheadis parallelt to t he pum padju s ti n g l e v e rl I 0 Inserta screwdrive into the grooveon the tfrftthe spindle7and regulator screwclockwise until it It fv 5 Tightenscrew2 holdingthe pump regutatfllever with your teft handto preventit moving Securewith locknut 8 l dr t a D t 16 Tun the engineby handand listenfor the soundo fuel bejnginjectedl no soundis hear d the causei s p ro b a b l y o n e o f th e fol l ow i ng i nsuffi ci ent ai r venting regulator spindlenot screwed in ar enough wear in valveseato regulatoneedle valve screw3 90o Now turn the connecting so that the grooveis t o t h e p u mp a d j u s ti n g a t r ightangles l e v e r1 8 Ti ght enloc k nut4Run the engine and checkoperation lf it is still unsatisfactory repeat the adjustment Positiono punchmarkin 7 ateadjustment t t 14 CHECKINGAND ADJUSTING TIMING FUELINJECTION The fuel this engineis 8o o crankshaft rotation Checkthe timing asollows 1 Remove the coverof the crankcase i 2 Setthe speed control leverto HIGH I 3 Raisethe decompression leverand gentlyturn the com pression strokelock throughthe openhatchand stopwhen the scale readings on the flywhelcome into view i 4 Turn the PTO shator startingshaft in the directiono rotationand stop imJ mediately you hearthe soundof fuel beinginjected Readoff the scale readI ingsby the notch in the edgeof the reading Repeat calculate the average Fuel injection 120 lf timing is too lateor shouldstart8o too earlyadlustby the adjustment shimsbetween the fuel injectionpump body One 1 mm timing by lo one 2 mm adjustment shim by add shims 20 l timing is advahced if timing is delayed t 1 15 STRIPPING AND REASSEMBLY OF FUEL INJECTION PUMPThe fuel injectionpump shouldonly be stripped for the purpose of eplacing wornp a rtsplungeras s y del i v e ry valve a s s y re g u l a ton etc l f uel i nj ecti on e e dl e fai l sto occurater air venting or adjustment o the uel the be stripped or cleaningor eplacementMost aultsin the irel resultfom the useo impureuel and ailureto cleanthe uel ilter maintenance is vitalThe instruciions givenhereare intended only to acquaint the userwith the sructureof the fuel injectionpump As stated above stripping shouldnevebe Partsin fuel injection pump ti i l l pat I Resurator I l F uel Ini ec ti on pum p t it 2 l D el i v er y v l v hol ds r li si1 3 l Oer i v s y v al v s ar 4 l D el i v s r y v al v Dllivevvdvel A 5 l D el i very vrvspri ns gioi e 6 l A esual to body i i 7 IF egul ai o s pi dl l9 l a l R esul to sp ng illno 9l R egul tor nes c l 16 ll ll a I idry i r Ld Ydei l rJ l G as k t pac k i ng 12 l P tunser barrer ti ght I r I ls3 I 1l T6 l i 5 l S pi ns I prp uocv lrr iition G I tThe fuel iniectionpump consists of four sectionsthe pump body 1 the 2 5 the 6 9 and the plunger assembly r 0 15 38 11 Delivery Valve How to take apart 1 t he uel i n j e c ti o n Rem ov e pipe t2l Remove the This reveals the which accommodates the deliveryvalve4 and the Assembly 1 Wash all Be sure to mount the partsin the correctordert 12 Reattach the the fuel pump body Follow iry air vent i ng s ee S ec t ion1 2 152 Regulator How to take apart i lt1 Loosen the pump adiusting leversetbolt and removefrom the regulator spin d le 7 21 Loosenthe regulatorbody 6 and removeit from the fuel pump body 1 spring8 and regulator Regulator needle9 can now be removed Assembly 1 Wash all firstly assemble the regulator pat First smear a o the regulator smallamountof engine oil onto the screwsection spindlet Assemble the and regulator needle 9 at the tip o the spindle l2l Insertthe regulator spring8 and 9 in the regulatorbody 6 and in the regulator body rom I opposite side lf the regulator spindleis screwed up deeplythe regulator needleseatmay be damaged 3 Screwthe checkthat it Thengently i screwdown clockwise I I 39I J 4 Insetthe fuel pump adjusring leverinto the top o the regulator spindle then adjustthe fuel regulator asexplainedin Section14 153 Plunger How to take apart l the uel injectionpipe and the pump adjusting Remove lever t2 Remove the and removethe 3 Remove the two uel pump body removethe uel pump body Parts13 15 can now be stripped l the plunger is not worn iedoesnot needreplacing it is not necessary ro go further l the plungerir to be replaced however 4 Attach the uel pump body ro the cylinderbody in reverse with the setbolts F it an ofsetwrench 19 mm careullyonto the plunger Using a s panneris lik ely t o dam aget he n u t Assembly in 1 fi frc e plunger ba rre l1 0 p l u n g e r 1 3 a n d th e g asketpacki ng11 and ashall partsin cleanoil l2l Attach the fuel pump body to the cylinderbody in reverse asaboveSecue the plunger barrel10with the setscrew12 makesurethat the uel holesin the plunger barrelare positioned with the plunger mount ed insidethe plunger barrel Usethe o 3 Checkthat the plunger moveseasily lf it is stiff loosenthe setscrewand reposition 4 Attach the and washer 14and hold the uel iniection pump against the cylinderbody Securewith the setbolts Be sureto tighten theseevenly r a 40a 16 CHE CK INGP IS T O N Checking the pistonand replacement o the carried out as o l l o w s l Remove the rockerarm chamber and the cylinderhead Remove carbon rom the top of the cylinderliner t2l the rearcovero the cylinder Remove l3 Remove rod bolt l No lock washer connecting is used I I 4 Remove the cap 2 o the crank pin metaland rotatethe flywheeluntil the l pistonis in the TDCposition Place a rod and knock out the end o the connecting 5 the pistonassembly towardsthe cylinderhead l xamine Exa the min outer uter s rrface e of surface f the p o pistonand I smooth nooth down rough parts parts th oil with oilstone Remove emove the piston p ston r rings ngsv with r a looloop of wire iras illustrated illustr carbonfrom li i ated Clean out the tl carbol re ring t the ranggroov grooves rsanc and wash l i g h t in lioht 1 In oil t Take ake care cale not to to scratch scr tl th e 9rooves t I 1 rti Piston Rings t The first ring is chromeplatedor wear Whenthe plat 1 ing peels the ring must be other ringsif vertical scatches are present on the slidingsurace or i therearetraces of cause compression leadingto reduced output powerstarting o lube oil 47 Attach the ringsusingthe wire loop the mark in eachpision ring is on the take carenot to damage or distort the ringsby opening them too far Checkthat the ringsturn smoothlyin the ring i erooves they do not cleanthe grooves once more Inserting Piston U si n gth e s pec ialt ool rh e p i s to na s in s e rt follows l Se tt he ly wheelt o th e T D C Po sr t r on l2l Coatthe pistonwith new lubeoil and positionthe pistonring ends at 90o intervals Insertthe pistonas the JIG end mark to the top Hammqring in the pistondamages the pistonrings l4l Whenthe BIG end of the connecting rod fits into the crankpushin the piston wh ile t ur ningt he l y w h e e l 5 Attach the BIG end metalcapwith the mark upwardsCoat the metalwith n e w lubeoil NB Checkthat the metal is present the pistof when inserting 6 rod boltsand tightenscurely lnsertthe connecting Tightening 1oque YSES 217tlb YSE12 253 ftlbi

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