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GPS GPX Batch Waypoint and Route Creator


Notice. I gotten two error reports on this page. There is not enough information in the log to know why this happened. Please use the CONTACT page to let me know the details. I apologize for the inconvenience.

This page is a .gpx file batch creator and editor. You can create or edit waypoint and routes and write the output in .gpx format. The .gpx file is a standard format that can be downloaded to a GPS device with a number of programs. One free program that works well is EasyGPS. You can either enter your waypoints by entering the latitude and longitude on this page, or you can start with the output from another program that outputs .gpx files like OpenCPN and load that file. The easiest way is to use the Light List Map program HERE. Either way, edit the names of your waypoints to more user friendly names in the form below and then use those names to create your routes in the text box at the bottom of this page. Hit the submit button and a .gpx file with your waypoints and routes will be downloaded to your computer. Upload or save it to your GPS and you are ready to go sailing. Note, some GPSs have limits on the number of waypoints or routes. You may want to save your existing .gpx data and then clear the memory before loading this file. I recommend having separate .gpx files for each race or occasion so that your waypoints and routes are easier to activate on the water.

If you came to this page from the Light List selector pages, your waypoints will be filled out below. You may add a file or blank spaces if you wish by entering the file name and number of blank spaces and clicking the submit button just below. Otherwise you can optionally edit them to more user friendly names. Then enter your routes using the names you entered and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

To Clear this Page

To clear this page and start over, click . You will then see the example input in the form below. To return to the light list entry page, use your browser back button and click it twice.

Input your .gpx/.txt file and/or Manual Waypoints

  1. The data when the page is first loaded is an example intended to show you what a real case might look like.
  2. To start with your existing .gpx file, click "Choose File" and select your file
  3. To start with a text file of waypoints in the form "name tab latitude tab longitude newline" enter that file name as above.
  4. Note: file size is limited to 100k so please do not download files with tracks in them.
  5. Enter the number of new waypoints you want to create, if any.
  6. You may specify your .gpx file, new waypoints, or both.
  7. Note: If you are starting from the light list waypoints, you can add additional list of waypoints be selecting a file or blank lines.
  8. Click "Submit"
File name:
Number of New Waypoints


The inputs and routes below are an exmaple only. You can clear the form by entering the number of blank lines or enter your own waypoint data either throught the Light List tools or by loading a .gpx file.

Edit Your waypoints

Most latitude and longitude formats are acceptable. ddd.dddd, ddd mm.mmmm, or ddd mm ss.ssss all work. You can use negative numbers or NSEW designations. You can also put both latitude and longitude in the latitude field separated with a comma leaving the longitude field blank. Final data is always (-)ddd.dddddddd
  Waypoint Name Latitude Longitude Symbol
A map
B map
C map
D map
E map

Enter or Edit routes

Enter the route name followed by a colon (:) then waypoints separated by commas. One route per line. Spaces are ignored, case insensitive.
Form = Name: Wpt1, Wpt2, ...

S2 2-E2: SPYC 2, E2
S3 6-E1: SPYC 6, E1
S4 4-6-E1: SPYC 4, SPYC 6, E1

Enter Routes Here:

SPYC 2,37.69511799,-122.34158504
SPYC 4,37.669132,-122.32845697
SPYC 6,37.64333501,-122.31516603

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