Wednesday, February8, 2023
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Rig Tuning

I have not tried this but it looks like it would be a very accurate way to measure rig tension.

Loos gauge accuracy

They didn't look very accurate to me until I found out that you have to do a little trick not covered in the instructions. Before that, I got readings at mid scale from two new Loos gauges that differed by 26% or more. See my write up. Now my gauge agrees with what I know to be correct from the measurements discussed in the article.

Foot Block Wedge

How to Calculate the Dimensions of a Wedge Pad for a Foot Block Turning Block. I take into account the distances involved and determine the angles and heights of the bad that goes under the turning block to make the leading angles fair.

Replacing Cockpit Drains

The replacement of the cockpit drains on Papoose April 2009, the planning, the parts, and the finished result.

The San Francisco Bar5

Click Here for article on the San Francisco Bar. Must reading if you are going out of the bay

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