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DIY Boat Monitoring System

Every morning when I get up there is an email ready for me from my boat. I can look at that and see that the main pump did not go on (good), that the small pump ran for it's usual 5 seconds (also good), that the battery is charged, the shore power is on, and the 12 volt vent fan is on. (all good) These all come to me from the marina WiFi and a module based on the amazing ESP-32. In these few pages I am going to tell you not only how I built it, but I am going to give you information you need to build one yourself.

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PC Boards for Boats

It is so easy and inexpensive to turn your pet electronic project into a professional PC Board that nobody should hesitate either due to time or money. For me the issue was how to do it. After some false starts, I found that the combination of Eagle design software (free) and PCBWay.com, was the answer. This detailed step by step overview will guide you through the process.

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Fault Tolerant ESP32 Boat Monitor

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My well tested ESP32 boat monitoring system ran up against the real world and the real world won. I think I am on version 50 of the software. This article goes over some of the issues I found and solved. Some would apply to anyone using an ESP32 over WiFi and some are more unique to my boat but have relevance to any system that takes real world data, makes decisions about it, and changes its behavior based on those decisions.

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Low Noise Voltage Measurements with ESP32

Voltage measurements with an ESP32 are very noisy. This article shows how to make them quiet.

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Sending Email using ESP32-SIM800

The email send function on the SIM800 appears to be broken. This article tells how to send emails anyway.

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