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Articles - wood boat repair

Articles on Wood Boat Repair

Inspecting Wood Boats

Guidance on Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance of Wooden Hulls. Compiled By The Joint Industry/Coast Guard Wooden Boat Inspection Working Group. August 1995.

This is a clean PDF of this document which is a treasure chest of information.

Cockpit Repair

The story of repairing the cockpit area on Papoose

Repairing cabin top leak on Papoose

Repairing extensive cabin top leak on Papoose required jacking up the cabin top, drilling many holes to fill with West System, then putting a layer of fiberglass over the top.

Repairing a pulled up rail track

Papoose pulled up the port rail in the Jessica Cup. Here is the repair

Wood Boom Repair

A series of pictures documenting the repair of a spruce boom that had 6 feet ripped out of the bottom. This repair has held for 7 years as of 2010 without any sign of trouble.

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