Weather Report for L‑36.com

This is not a report on the weather; it is a report on the weather report. Much has changed on the Weather page and I wanted to say a few words, actually likely quite a few words, on the report itself. After all, 90% of you come to L-36.com for our award winning weather coverage*.

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Easy GPS Waypoints and Routes Creation

Wouldn't it be great to just have a list of all the marks in the area and just check them off, rename them to match the names the race committee uses, import them into a program, copy and paste the race committee routes onto a page and press a button and have a file you could download into your GPS? So I built just that.

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GPX CSV Waypoint Editor and File Converter

New tool to enter waypoint files in either gpx or csv format, add new lines, convert them to either gpx or scv format and download them back to your computer. This is useful for creating and editing waypoint files for StartLine the new racing application for Android form L-36.com

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Printing your own NOAA Charts

Using free software and you can download edit and print free NOAA charts just like the paper ones are are all familiar with. I wish I had know about this before I did it by scanning a paper chart!

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The San Francisco Bar

Click Here for article on the San Francisco Bar. Must reading if you are going out of the bay

Light List

The USCG publishes a 6 volume list of all the navigation marks, buoys, day marks, etc. that are in US waters. This list is updated each week. L-36.com now has an updated application that allows you to select an area on a map, check marks of interest in that area, and create gpx files of the waypoints as well as any routes you might want to create. You can see your marks on a map to help verify you have the right ones.

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Automatic GPX File Marker and Route Generator

The set of tools that will generate a GPX file for your GPS has been recently fixed and I thought it time to make people aware of this valuable tool again. With two map clicks you can get a list of all the marks in that area, select the ones you are interested in, edit their names, and download a GPX file to your computer. These are USCG generated locations from the many volumes for all US territories. The search through all the volumes is done automatically. In just a couple of minutes, you can do what might take an hour to do previously. Please enjoy these tools.

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Tide Page

This new tide page will show tide chart, table, and hourly tide or current. Search for a tide station by entering part of the name. Select from the list of possible stations. There is a list box that shows nearby stations if you want to switch locations. A map shows where the station is registered.

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7-Day Tide and Current Forecast

Improved 2/27/2013 - Graph now goes midnight to midnight. Added title to each section.

Tables and graphs for selected tide or current station for the week ahead.
Table shows high and low times for tide, slack and peak for current. Also shows sun and moon events. Graph is as shown below. The final table shows the hourly values.

Sorry tide depth graphs only, please select another station.

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GPS GPX Batch Waypoint and Route Creator

Entering routes into a GPS when you have a number of them to enter is easy with this bulk route editor. Import waypoints from a gpx file or enter directly into this page, then simply write out the routes all at once and create a custom gpx file with the waypoints and routes ready for export to your gps device or chart program.

As an added bonus, Latitude and Longitude can be entered in almost any format, even both in one input box, for ease of copy and paste entry.

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Try the L-36 Weather and Tide Page Now!

Enter your "CITY, ST" or 5 digit zipcode here :

Examples of valid inputs: "San Francisco, CA" "Golden Gate" "Balboa" "Cow Island" "94301"

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Weather Page Updates

It has been about a year since I reported on the L-36.com Marine Weather page. There have been many improvements to the page in that time that I want to share. The page has been well received and has hundreds of users. I thought it would be useful to point out some of the improvements for those of you who have not tried it recently.

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Latitude Longitude Converter

Convert between different latitude and longitude formats. Then copy and past the converted format into other programs. This program will take most any format as input and outputs the result in five different popular formats.

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User comments about the Weather and Tide Page from Forums and emails

  • Your site is now my primary weather information. While I really like the way NOAA provides info at their sites, yours is more comprehensive and easier to use
  • Your website is approaching world class. Really Great Job.
  • Keep up the great work, The 4 people I sent the link to loved it.....
  • Been playing with it off and on all week. It's already replaced my usual weather info site. Excellent work.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the terrific weather page. It is my daily go-to page for marine weather. I sail a pair of boats on SF Bay and out of Santa Cruz, and your web site is really extremely handy. It is far better than the "commercial" sites, which is a real tribute given their budgets and what yours probably is.

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