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Technical Data

Screws and bolts

  • Wood Screws Tables with key dimensions for many styles of screws
  • Pilot Holes Wood screws Pilot Hole Size with discussion on which numbers to believe
  • Machine screws Tables of dimensions includeing min and max for machine screws
  • Screw Heads Dimensions for various screw head types
  • Screw Length tolerences for various screw types
  • Nuts Dimensions on nuts of all types
  • Washers Dimensions of 11 different styles of washers
  • Hex Bolts American/United National Threads dimensions from size 0 to 1 inch
  • Torque Torque specifications for non ferrous bolts with recomendations for different thread pitches
  • Torque Chart covers torque recomendations for most bolt types. A little harder to read than the one above but it covers more bolt types.
  • Wrench Size Comparison of US, Metric, and Whitworth wrenches

Taps, Threads, Pipe, and Drills



  • Sheet metal Thickness guide for Gauge 7-31 for Steel,Carbon Steel,Galvanized,Stainless, and Aluminum
  • Yield Strength Strength of Stainless, Bronze, and Aluminum
  • Corrosion Control Galvanic Tables and some notes on corrosion. See also article on bonding
  • Stainless Steel All your frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered regarding Stainless Steel

Engines and Manuals

  • Over 400 Manuals, listed alphabetically covering a variety of marine equipment, engines, radios, rafts, pumps, auot pilots, and more.
  • Voltage Regularoy Switching from old Leece-Neville Regulator to a solid state 3 terminal Voltage Regularoy
  • Marvel Schebuler Updraft Carburetor Manual (hard to find vary popular page)
  • Gray Marine 4 and 6 Cyclinder Gasoline Engine Manual (1938-1958 Models)

Line and rigging



  • LP Calculator Calculate the LP and % of a sail given the 2 sides and J
  • Sail Area calculator based on I J or J and Luff as well as sail size (%).
  • Dimensions and sail area calculations for thousands of boats. Click through to the boat specific page. Data is shown from several leading sources.

Sailing Terms and More


L-36 Specific

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